Bill O’Reilly Faces More Questions Over Reporting

After embattled Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly was accused of making up a story of his heroism during the Falklands conflict the conservative favorite has seen more of his reports called into question, reports. O’Reilly claims to have been at the home of a friend of JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald when the important witness to the assassination shot himself, George de Mohrenschildt died at the home of his daughter following a self inflicted wound from a shotgun in 1977.

In his bets selling book, Killing Kennedy, O’Reilly states he rang the doorbell of the home when the fatal shot rang out after being sent to talk to the Russian immigrant by Dallas TV station WFAA noted Gianfrancesco Genoso. A number of colleagues of O’Reilly at WFAA have now stated O’Reilly was not sent to Dallas by the TV station and only heard about the death when it was reported in Dallas newspapers. O’Reilly is under investigation over his often reported claim to have dragged a cameraman to safety in a combat zone in the disputed territory of the Falklands in the early 1980s. Reports now state O’Reilly was covering a riot in the Argentinian city of Buenos Aires at the time the incident took place in the Falklands.

Plastic Surgery Guide For Patients

Dr Rod Rohrich is a well-known surgeon. Dr Rod Rohrich has made several contributions to the reconstructive and plastic surgery industry and has educated many people about aging and facial aesthetics. Rodrich currently works at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center as a chairman and professor.

Preparing For Plastic Surgery

Dr Rod Rohrich helps people who are candidates for traditional plastic surgery. Patients who have high cholesterol, diabetes, or arthritis, however, are not ideal candidates. Although all surgery procedures have risks, some health problems could cause complications. For example, people who are overweight may have heart problems during the surgery because the heart will be under a lot of stress.

An great candidate for plastic surgery must have low stress and a healthy lifestyle. Being emotionally stable is also an important requirement. Before surgery, drinking less caffeine and alcohol is highly recommended because it minimizes potential complications.

Dr Rod Rohrich will need information about your medical history before undergoing the surgery. If you are taking vitamins, aspirin, or herbal medications, inform the doctor about the specific brands. This information is required because certain medications can affect blood clotting during surgery. If this happens, there will be higher risks when the doctor implements the surgical procedures.

The Plastic Surgery Recovery Process

After surgery, there will be swelling in certain areas. You can minimize the swelling by applying an ice pack on the affected areas. Never take an aspirin unless your doctor recommends it.

Direct sunlight can also cause problems following surgery, so you must avoid direct exposure. However, if you must spend time outdoors, protect your skin by applying an efficient sunblock.

After a few weeks, you must schedule another appointment with the doctor to prevent potential complications. Although many doctors offer excellent services, most people contact Dr Rod Rohrich because he is an established professional.

“Non-Partisan Panel” Is a Misnomer


Peter Economy, a business writer for “Inc.,” told readers such as my good friend Ricardo Tosto over the weekend that the Dietary Advisory Committee is a “non-partisan panel” when he outlined coffee is officially good for people and that three to five cups a day reduce the risk of heart disease and Type 2 Diabetes, may protect against Parkinson’s Disease and don’t have any long-term health risks.

Why is Economy out of his depth?

Economy should know that there is no such thing as “non-partisan” when discussing committee members who have political or financial reasons to make certain dietary choices. After all, coffee IS big business in the United States. U.S. citizens drink more coffee daily than in other countries worldwide, including countries where coffee is exported.

Economy also ignored decades of research that confirms that caffeine does cause long-term health issues in people with certain conditions, such as Raynaud’s and Fibromyalgia. Caffeine dilates blood vessels. Any level of constriction can cause blood flow to slow resulting in cellular death and tissue damage. Caffeine has even been linked to migraines. Not to mention that known side effects of this socially accepted drug are hyperactivity and mood swings. If someone drinking caffeine decides to quit, they go into the same type of withdrawal as someone going off of a hard illegal drug. If someone has a heart condition that is exacerbated by a rapid heartbeat, caffeine can even cause a heart attack.

Dr. Daniel Amen and a Healthy Brain

Dr. Daniel Amen is America’s favorite psychiatrist and advocate for nutrition. His studies through SPECT scans have proven there is a correlation between the way we treat our bodies and how it affects the health of our brain, and thus the health of our entire bodies.

In order to maintain healthy brain functionality, it is necessary to follow through with different brain healthy foods. Like other areas of the body, certain foods can help improve cognitive thinking, which in turn is going to drastically improve the way anyone thinks and acts throughout the day. This is exactly why it is necessary to listen to these different steps created by Dr. Daniel Amen in order to improve brain functionality.

First, eating a bowl of oatmeal is a great way to start off the morning. Whole grains provide all sorts of nutritional value and is loaded with fiber and help moderate blood sugar as well, not to mention it helps people feel fuller longer after eating it. Not only is this a great diet option but it is great for the mind as well.

Frozen Vegetables are the way to go. Canned vegetables sit around in a liquid for months before consumption, and while these are still better than no vitamins, there is a loss of the nutrients, which means the brain and the rest of the body is not going to receive the desired amount of vitamins it should. On the other hand though, frozen vegetables are excellent in that these are frozen fresh, so the vegetables last longer and are gone just about any time. Now, the best way to consume the vegetables in order to improve mental health is to steam the veggies.

As Dr. Daniel Amen points out in several of his books, antioxidants receive a good amount of deserved attention. However, knowing where to obtain the antioxidants is important. It is possible to find these in apples, oranges and bananas, so anyone who is looking to increase their level, these are great fruits to use. Best of all, these are some of the least expensive fruit options out there as well.

Lean protein is very important for the body. While the protein does help with building muscles, it also helps with the brain’s functionality as well. Now, there are all sorts of different kinds of protein, but eggs are a great way to go. Eggs have all sorts of variations, so you can keep it interesting, and even if you have high cholesterol, you can skip out the yolk and eat the egg white. The egg white is actually the only food source on the planet that is a perfect protein. This makes it the perfect fuel for your brain.

For more advice from Dr. Daniel Amen, check out this video:

Is Being Naked To Familiar Too Us?

Does nudity even shock us anymore? When television first started, there were shows like “I Love Lucy.” You scarcely seen Lucy or Ethel in anything other than a prim and proper dress and heels. This was typical of this era and how they portrayed women of the home. Today, nudity is commonplace. There were some ground breaking movies that began in the 1970’s and 80’s that showed very little, people were outraged. However, regardless of how outraged they were, they continued to keep going and watching.

Fast forward today to the movies that we have and the television shows. Movies like “Fifty Shades of Grey” would have never been allowed to be played at a theater even ten years ago. I remember when Brian Torchin and I switched on to AMC to watch “Breaking Bad” and was surprised by the language and nudity that is on television. What has changed so much that we think that it is okay to drop the rules and guidelines that were mandated by the CDC? I don’t like my children seeing filth like this. I don’t want them to see sexual body parts and full blown scenes where inappropriate activities are going on. There are still a few people in this country that respect one another and want their children to have an old-fashioned upbringing.

People have become so familiar with their bodies and nakedness that they don’t care anymore about showing it off. Perhaps this has caused so many problems in today’s society. Perhaps we need to go back to leaving more to the imagination and less to the public’s eye.

FBI Agent Confirms American Fear of Constitutional Rights Violations

An FBI agent recently addressed the discovery of a device that enables them to track any individual that it decides to. The device has already been deemed unconstitutional in by the Supreme Court in Florida and two other states. It raises a lot of questions from reporters and citizens alike. The device is a tower made to look like a cell phone tower, except that it can connect to cell phones that are in the given areas.

The agent addresses the good that the towers can do, such as track murderers and other such “bad guys”. NNDb said he did not address the issue that the government can, in fact, infringe on the rights of those people who have done nothing against the law. Bruce Karatz echoes that saying it is like entering a home and searching it for illegal contraband without a warrant. That act is illegal as should be the fake towers the government has put into place.

This is the same type of invasion of constitutional rights that many Americans already feel have been trampled on. For instance, the introduction of Obamacare and anti-gun laws. The information about the cell phone towers adds a heightened awareness to the law abiding citizens of the country and one that can only make citizens feel angrier about losing their constitutional rights one-by-one.

Case Made Against Two Children And Nude Photos

Children are having sex way before they should these days. They are looking for anyway possible to grow up faster than they have to. In Frankfort, KY the judge decided to make a case out of a case of intercourse between a 7th and 8th grader. The 8th grader was charged with two misdemeanors counts, even though they both said the sex was consensual stated Forbes. One problem was he took nude photos of the girl and was passing them around the school said Alexei Beltyukov.

The case is nothing uncommon for most middle or high schools. With smartphones, internet and other ways to post pictures, taking snapshots of genitals and other private moments have become the norm. The arguments made it all the way to the high courts in Kentucky. Officials are saying that voluntary sexual conduct between two children shouldn’t be an issue. It’s not like one of them was an adult, they’re both kids.

The real problem here is that the boy was also given the title of a juvenile sex offender, but the girl didn’t receive any charges against her. It all seems a bit unfair that she got nothing. However, she wasn’t the one going around spreading pornographic pictures either. Gregory Fuchs is the State Assistant Attorney General for the area and he says that the boy committed a crime and it was within the punishable perimeters. Perhaps this case will make teens think twice before leaking photos of intimate moments.

Christopher Cowdray: CEO of The Dorchester Collection of luxury hotels

Christopher Cowdray, who is a Zimbabwean national, holds a degree in Hotel Management.He earned the degree in Zimbabwe; afterwards he preceded New York where he was admitted to Columbia University where he received another degree in Business Management. He went ahead to do a Columbian business executive program after his graduation from Columbian University. He has a vast experience in hotel management having managed a number of hotels in the United Kingdom, Africa, Australia, Asia and the Middle East.
Having a 30-year experience in the hotel business, Cowdray has held many positions in the hotels in worked for. In the United Kingdom, he worked for Claridges hotel as the managing director. His skills and knowledge in hotel management coupled with business management have enabled him see the Dorchester collection to much greater heights. Though his appointment as the CEO seemed to be a challenge, he was able to prove that he could handle the challenge.

His career at Dorchester hotel started in 2004 when he was given the position of the general manager. In 2007 November, he was appointed by the board of directors as the new CEO of the whole collection of Dorchester, which is owned by the Dorchester Group. This appointment was a great opportunity for him because he was going to oversee the activities of five hotels. In his previous appointments, he used to having one hotel under his management.
The Dorchester Collection has five hotels which at times referred to as the beautiful five. Bringing these five hotels to work with one brand was without any individual hotel being sacrificed is one of the most successful achievements of Christopher Cowdray in career. All the same it was not a walk in the park.

After his appointment as the CEO of the Dorchester Collection, Cowdray increased the number of hotels owned by Dorchester collection. He added the New York Palace hotel in addition to the Hotel Bel-Air in 2008. He continued to expand the collection when he added hotels such as Coworth, Park, 45 Park Lane Hotel (both in England) The Le Richmond Hotel which is in Geneva and the Eden hotel in Rome.

His tenure as the CEO of the Dorchester Collection has been marked with immense success. Cowdray got lifetime achievement award in 2013. This was at the European hospitality awards. This reward recognized his splendid performance as the CEO of the Dorchester Collection.

His primary target as at now is to see that the Dorchester Collection owns fifteen hotels.

Affordable Healthcare Act: No So Affordable

As the Affordable Care Act now stands, there is no public option and nothing in the law to cap premiums. It may simply be a matter of time before millions of enrollees find themselves locked into health insurance plans that they can not afford.

Many consumers, who signed up last year, saw their health plan premiums increase during the most recent open enrollment. Ricardo Tosto says that premium assistance, unfortunately, remained about the same. In the spirit of good old-fashioned capitalism, consumers could certainly re-enter the exchanges and shop competing plans. A few insurance carriers, who saw low enrollment during the first year of Obamacare, did reduce their premiums.

There is just one problem with switching health plans…

Enrolling with a different insurance carrier almost always means an entirely different network of medical providers. As those who have been through the process know, establishing a relationship with a new doctor can be daunting. The hassle of finding a new medical network is exactly the deterrent insurance companies will be counting on as nothing prevents them from hiking premiums. It is hard enough when you are healthy, but who wants to find another doctor in the middle of cancer treatment or a different hospital while recovering from a serious accident?

Did lawmakers honestly believe that insurance companies had a conscience when they threw out the public option? Once again big business wins and the middle-class pays the price.

Egypt’s Powerful Response Kills 64 ISIS Leaders

The world watched yet again as Isis released yet another video with unarmed men at the mercy of ISIS. The men were kneeling and dressed in orange suits, awaiting their execution. Recent attacks have included the burning of a Jordon pilot, the death of a female American humanitarian worker, and two Japanese citizens executed in Syria. This newest video, however, depicts a different kind of slaughter. The 21 Egyptian workers were Christian, savagely beheaded in Libya, not only for political reasons, but also for their faith.

While other countries have often analyzed the situation before reacting, Egypt’s powerful, swift, and calculated reaction at the Libya border left 64 ISIS leaders dead this morning, as reported to Egypt’s Al-Ahram newspaper by a Libyan military official. In addition, Egyptian President Abel Fattah Al-Sisi said today that Egypt has the right to respond against the killing of 21 of its citizens.

Marc Sparks has heard that the airstrikes are Egypt’s first airstrikes at the border in 13 years. More on Sparks can be found on his Twitter page. Past strikes were part of a coordinated effort regarding the gulf war, while the current strikes are coordinated efforts with the government of Lybia against terrorism. They are targeting terrorist strongholds, and known compounds, including weapons storage, housing and weapons storage facilities.

President Al-Sisi announced the Egyptian government intends to give EGP 100,000 to the families of the 21 Egyptians killed, as well as educational and health benefits. Leaders across the world have denounced the killings, including President Obama.