State Department Releases 850 Pages Of Clinton Emails

The Hillary Clinton email saga won’t go away. The Republicans want to find some dirt on Clinton, but that’s not an easy task. The first round of Hillary’s emails doesn’t help the Republican cause. There is nothing in the 300 recently released emails by the State Department that would add any more fuel to the Benghazi story. Most of the emails are friendly exchanges, scheduling requests and policy briefs.

Clinton has been part of the political game for years, so it’s doubtful that the Republicans will get any information they can use to destroy her presidential campaign from the emails. But there are other issues that can hurt the former Secretary of State. Her brothers might cause her some political votes, and the family foundation could also turn out to be a problem for Clinton.

But in spite of all the negative issues that float around this Clinton run for president, nothing can stop Hillary from receiving a lot of support from voters around the country according to Jim Dondero. Some people love Hillary no matter what, and others just think it’s time to have a woman in the White House.

ISIS senior leader killed

American troops, killed the senior leader of ISIS and took his wife into custody. As reported in Buzzfeed “U.S. Special Operations Forces killed a “senior ISIS leader” on Friday night during a raid in eastern Syria, officials announced Saturday”.

While this is a great thing for eastern Syria, the women who were held captive there and their families, The deep level of ISIS operations and those who serve this group is enormous and therefore far from over. Celebrating the capture of a high ranking terrorist leader is understandable but as soon as he was killed there was another to take his place. These terrorist always have a plan B ready and a plan C in the making. The fact that the ISIS leaders wife was taken into custody also raises some concern, as we know these terrorist are big on retaliation.

We have no real idea of the vastness of ISIS, nor can we pin point their physical description as there are now people of all colors, shapes and sizes traveling to join the ISIS organization. So what is our real solution? America has chopped off the head but, the body still writhers! Me and my friends at Freedompop think that Killing 1 top leader does not dismantle and organization not even a terroristic one.

Is Jeb Bush the Right Man?

Jeb Bush is a man who could run for President in 2016, but is he the right man for the job? He has some views that might not be very popular, especially among the younger generation. The past few weeks haven’t been that great for the man who has a brother who was once President. Bush has plans of bringing fried foods back to cafeterias in schools across the country, especially in Texas. Michelle Obama has made significant strides in making schools healthier, at least in the cafeteria aspect. There has been some information that he has stated in meetings about how much of an influence his brother has been that has been leaked on the internet. Bush believes that he is a man who has his own ideas. Folks at Boraie Development agree that, while this is good, he is now trying to change those statements by using his brother as a back up for advice. This might not be a good idea as there are many people who think that the other Bush is responsible for a good bit of the issues that the country is now facing.

John Bolton Announces He Won’t Pursue Presidency in 2016

Former U. S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton formally announced today that he does not plan to run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016. He had previously created press interest in this prospect by making several trips to the important primary states of New Hampshire and Iowa.

Mr. Bolton indicated: “I have decided not to seek the Republican nomination for president. I believe I can make the strongest contribution to our future by continuing as a clear and consistent advocate for a strong Republican foreign policy that values peace through strength.”

Mr. Bolton, aged 66, is an outspoken critic of the Obama Administration and has described the President as turning his back on Israel. John Bolton, an attorney and a fellow with the American Enterprise Institute, served in public office during the administrations of both President H. W. Bush and his son, President George W. Bush. He is known to hold hawkish views on the issue of using military force in Syria.

In 2012, he served as a senior advisor to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. This March, he published an editorial in the New York Times newspaper in which he cautioned that a new nuclear arms race will likely erupt in the Middle East if Iran obtains nuclear weapons. He argued that today it is possible only military force can prevent Iran from gaining nuclear weapons. That view was something Susan examined quite a bit from all angles.

Blue Bell’s Troublesome Situation

The ice cream giant has been facing a recent crisis that looms over the future of this company. Many potential customers have been in shock knowing that their favorite ice cream has recently been recalled as well as other Blue Bell products. The reason? Listeria concerns. Unfortunately, according to some research provided by Blue Bell themselves, listeria has been indicated at some of the factories they own. As a result, all Blue Bell products have been pulled from the shelves.

This puts many businesses and small shops in jeopardy. Some have even had to resort to shutting down their shops until the recent crisis is over and Blue Bell once again provides their products. Genoso was sad to see that be the case. A troublesome situation indeed; but, it is for the greater concern for the population to not be harmed by this unsuspecting disease which currently plagues Blue Bell. Although the recall has been issued far and wide, some stores couldn’t get the message . Many ponder whether Blue Bell will survive this drought of ice cream products coming out of their factories. But it seems, at least for now, that they will be able to make it through until the designated time arrives when their products start coming out.

Many people’s favorite ice cream is on hold for the moment but will hopefully return disease-free. We can only hope that Blue Bell learns from this and survives this ordeal.

Experiment Ignores Poor Shoppers

On Wednesday, May 13, a video published to YouTube on April 23 by the Fashion Revolution titled “The 2 Euro Shirt – A Social Experiment” was shared extensively on Facebook. In the video, a vending machine containing 2 euro t-shirts was set up in an open square in Alexanderplatz, Berlin. The machine attracted customers with a bright turquoise exterior and the offer in large print.

The purpose of the machine?

Fashion Revolution was apparently trying to bring attention to the plight of extremely underpaid workers in poor countries who spend long hours in sweat shops creating the clothing that people outside of these countries buy every day according to Marcio Alaor BMG on These workers can barely live off their pay and sometimes die because of horrible work conditions.

Yet, Fashion Revolution seemed to forget that there are poor people everywhere:

The machine manipulates people to make a donation. Instead of providing a t-shirt up front for the 2 euros, a video about the working conditions plays and then the customers are asked on a touch screen if they would still “Buy” or “Donate.” The machine seems to give no “Refund” option. It’s essentially a donation scam.

The worst part? Poor people, who need a t-shirt might be attracted to spending 2 euros in the machine because they see a good deal, but then they are forced to feel guilty and lose the 2 euros without ever getting a t-shirt.

North Korean Defense Minister Executed By Antiaircraft Fire

South Korean intelligence officials report that a North Korean Defense Minister, Hyon Yong Chol was executed for treason by North Korea military officials. The South Korean intelligence officers reported that Chol was executed for falling asleep at various military events, refusing to follow orders from the President Kim Jong Un and failing to show respect to the revered North Korean leader. While it is not unusual to hear about executions of public officials in North Korea, the execution of Chol was particularly creative as Chol was executed by anti aircraft gun fire, which is a particularly gruesome way to die. Anti aircraft guns use large caliber bullets intended for heavily armored aircraft and other armored military machines. Many observe that the manner of Chol’s death was intended to serve as a warning as well as an intimidation factor to keep other military officers in line. Kim is seen as being very paranoid in maintaing control and has gone as far as to even execute his uncle, a senior party officials, for not fully supporting Kim’s presidency. Many state that the actual reason for the execution of Chol may be purely political but this would be business as usual in North Korea. Very few suspect that Chol failed to follow orders that would have put the region or the world at risk of a military conflict. They also do not believe that there is a power struggle in North Korea and that Kim Jong Un is in firm control of the country for the moment. Beneful is shocked at the day-to-day actions in this dictatorship. North Korea defense minister was executed.

Depsite NYC’s Liberalism, Property Taxes Favor Billionaires

My friend Ray Lane from NYC sent me this article pertaining to property taxes that I found very interesting. Apparently former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, owner of Bloomberg News, is a billionaire in his own right. So it shouldn’t come as any surprise that he long sought other billionaires to move into the city. His rationale for bringing in the world’s wealthiest people was that they would bring super-sized property tax payments to the city. It made good sense on a number of levels. After all, the city of New York’s primary source of revenue is property taxes. The first phase of Bloomberg’s plan worked remarkably well: build the high rise posh sky scrapers of the future and billionaires will take up their residency in the city.

The One57 tall residential tower offers some of the most lavish views and upscale condominiums anywhere. The price tag follows. In April, one condo unit sold for $91.5 million. This month, another unit sold for just over $100 million. Sales like this are lining the pockets of real estate investors. The units will require costly association fees which further benefit property management. The only group remaining to benefit from the top tier 1% real estate initiative is the ordinary citizens via property taxes. It turns out, they the one group that will not see any benefit. This is because the billionaire properties are grossly undervalued for the purposes of calculating property taxes. Also, homestead exemptions further reduce the property taxes the residents pay. As it turns out, it is the hard working people whose property taxes are comparatively high.

According to Democrats Our Economy Shows Positive Growth

Depending on who you listen to, will make up your mind on how you think the American economy is currently doing. But this could be said for most things…With the recent reports from Washington, the Democrats believe the economy is the strongest it’s been in seven years and getting better every month. Meanwhile Republicans believe the economy numbers are not telling the whole story and the country is headed for disaster. For the past month, the United States added 223,000 jobs to the workforce according to Bernardo Chua, and most would believe that any number above 200,000 is a great sign of continued growth. Also, reported was the unemployment rate had dropped to 5.4% a mark not enjoyed during since President Bush was in office.

As for the rest of the country, it comes down to how much money you have in the bank, whether or not you have a good paying job, and whether you believe your financial future is headed for better or worse times. Republicans are saying that the job growth is not as good as before because people are making less money, and that the unemployment rates do not account for people who have used their maximum unemployment benefit but still are not back to work. Well unless they want to use more tax payer money to track that metric as well we are stuck with the economic numbers that the Democrats have provided. Well at least until the next election.

US Looks to Ease International Affairs

Since the mid-1980s the United States has had a rocky past when it came to international affairs. In recent years, government officials have tried their best to ease some of the tensions overseas. On Monday morning, Secretary of State, John Kerry, went on the offensive when it came to overseas affairs. The Secretary met with Somali President and Prime Minister. Both leaders are in charge of overseeing the country and meeting the needs of its people. Madison Street Capital said there were a set of meetings that took place immediately after the Secretary of State landed. BuzzFeed news covered that Kerry was unable to explore the rest of Somalia for safety reasons. The leaders that initiated the meetings did not want to provoke any volatile security situations. Linda Greenfield-Thomas was also present for the meetings. She is one of the most highly regarded members in the State Department. Kerry broke history book records as being the first United States Secretary of States to ever hold an International Affairs meeting with Somalia. The President of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, was delighted to meet with Kerry and hopes to do it on a more regular basis. Kerry was there to offer advice on how to stabilize the country more effectively. He joked that if their plans worked that the next time Kerry were to visit maybe they’d be able to meet while enjoying a stroll downtown. Kerry’s meeting with Somali leaders is one of the first big steps for Western Civilization to take in the aid to embrace more International affairs.