The Future of Mobile Wireless Services

Mobile carriers today are making a larger profit than they ever have. This is due to the rise of SmartPhones and data plans, which carriers are able to charge a lot more for. These plans provide a limited amount of data for a high cost, and users face even higher fees if they go over their data. Providing this data costs the supplier very little, and allows them to rake in over $100 in some cases in profit. There is a new mobile service that is on the rise that not only offers cheaper cellular service, but unlimited Wi-Fi that only costs $5 a month!

Introduction to Freedompop

Freedompop is a startup company that has offered free mobile service plans to users for quite awhile, and are recently getting into wireless Internet services. This will allow you to use the web while on the go, without having to pay $80 a month for a limited data plan. While the phone plan is free, the Wi-Fi service will only cost users $5 a month to use, which is a much cheaper option when compared to large brands. Freedompop states that 90% of all data used is done over Wi-Fi, and so it’s easy to offer a cheap service under a Wi-Fi plan.

Initial Rollout

When the service rolls out it is going to cover a vast amount of areas. Stephen Stokols, CEO of Freedompop, says that there will be over 10 million hotspots available across the United States. Areas with large populations are the main focus so as to cover a larger portion of the market, but you can expect consistent expansion over the next few years.

Freedompop App

The service is going to be entirely available through an app that Freedompop is releasing through the Android app service. This app will allow you to connect to Freedompop’s wireless hotspots from any large population area. In the future there are plans to release an app for Apple devices as well, but it’s a bit more complicated and takes a little longer. There aren’t any plans for a Windows app at this time, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be considered.

Freedompop’s Mobile Device Service

Right now you can get access to Freedompop’s mobile device service. The business model around this service surrounds the fact that it is free to use. However, it is also extremely limited and only offers 200 minutes of calling, 500 texts, and 500MB of data each month. While this may seem daunting, it’s important to take into consideration that users don’t have to pay anything to use this service. The Wi-Fi service isn’t planning on being an addition to the phone service, but instead will be used as its own independent product. That way, users who don’t use Freedompop’s mobile services can still use the cheap Wi-Fi app. If you want to start saving, keep your eyes peeled for the Freedompop Wi-Fi app. It’s a game changer in the wireless carrier industry and could end up saving you hundreds of dollars a year.

Joseph Bismark Means More than Business


I have clicked on the Citizen Shame blog in order to read this article about Joseph Bismark. It starts off about him being a leader that knows what to do in the business aspect of the world. While he is a businessman, he is not about using the work of others. He believes in putting in the work along with others. He takes on the work himself. He knows how to start and run a successful business as he has proven with his company. He has co-founded a company that he is currently the director of. The company is known as RHYTHM. Through this company, he not only teaches people to live better spiritually, but physically as well as mentally. 


Among his beliefs is kindness. He takes what he does with a lot of seriousness. Yet he is a very positive and joyful person to be around. His seriousness about what he does has led to his success. He helps people live in a healthier manner. It is this focus on the things that truly matters in people’s lives that inspires my interest. Due to his success in the various fields, I can trust him to know what he is talking about. He doesn’t scratch the surface with nice sounding slogans. He goes deeper into it and reveals the true meaning of such concepts. 

For me, Joseph Bismark changes the definition of philanthropy. He also demonstrates the true definition of Love. He helps people grow and experience their own fulfillment. He does not dictate to people what they should do. He provides the environment needed for people to become wiser and more at peace with who they are. As a result, people will then be able to help others achieve this actualization that is needed to move forward to the next level.

Andy Wirth was Born to do Great Things


Great Runs in his Family
Andy Wirth is currently the CEO and the President of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. This is the parent company of Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows ski resorts. Andy is the grandson of the former US National Park Service Director. His grandfather is Conrad Wirth. His great grandfather is Theodore Wirth. Theodore was highly instrumental in Minneapolis system of parks. He played a vital role in the designing of these parks. He is known as the dean of the local parks movement in America. It is safe to claim that great does run in his family. He may have simply been born to do great things.

The Start of his Career was in 1986
Mr. Wirth started his career at Steamboat Springs Resort. This was in the year 1986. He held different leadership and marketing positions. He was eventually appointed the executive vice president and the chief marketing positions. This occurred at Intrawest. Wirth has worked in the hotel and mountain resort industry for 25 years. He does have much experience and knowledge to offer. Talented an skillful are two good words to describe him.

Awards and Community Service
Wirth is a recipient of several professional and community service awards. These include:
*Steamboat Springs Leader of the Year Award
*Outstanding Service Award from Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board of Trustees
*Citizen of the Year by Disabled Sports USA (he was recognized)
*The Top 25 Minds in Hospitality and Travel Sales and Marketing List
*Named Chairman of he Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board

A Remarkable Person
Andy Wirth was born July 25, 1963. He has accomplished much in his career. This is a highly intelligent person who seems to truly have been born to accomplish great things.

Dan Newlin Fights for Damages for the Little Guy

Dan Newlin, Esq. & Partners is energized to battle for you. Accident victims and their families have recovered over $150,000,000 from their legal work. Have you had a personal injury from an accident and find that you have lasting medical problems?

Dan Newlin & Partners is a prominent personal injury law firm. The law firm is focused on fighting for the little guy who has experienced an injury in an accident. The firm is committed to using their legal skills to achieve the settlements that you deserve. Dan Newlin, written about in this Avvo profile, prides himself in his accomplishments as a trail lawyer. While some cases do go to trial, most cases are settled through mediation. Dan Newlin’s medication skills include forceful presentation of his client’s case and strong advocacy for his client. The large settlements that he has achieved reflect his success both as a mediator and a trial lawyer.

Dan Newlin, Esq. & Partners pride themselves on their attentiveness to their clients. They say that they are eager to hear the client’s complete story. Then they work tirelessly and are fully committed to getting their client a settlement that the client deserves. To accomplish this goal, personal injury lawyers must work extremely hard, and they need to be systematic and comprehensive in examining all the information from the accident, injury or wrongdoing. This basis in fact and law provides personal injury lawyers the foundation for battling on behalf of their client. Dan Newlin, Esq. & Partners embrace the necessary work to achieve a fair settlement for their clients.

Personal injury lawyers have been trained in a broad spectrum of the law, but Dan Newlin, Esq. have selected to specialize in personal injury law. Personal injury lawyers provide legal services to individuals who have been injured as a result of an accident, negligence or wrongdoing of another medical institution or person.

There is a requirement that all lawyers take the Bar Examination. Once lawyers pass the Bar Examination, they are admitted to the Bar, and they are able to practice law in the specific state where they took the exam. After being admitted to the Bar, lawyers are considered licensed to practice by the Bar Association. As part of their being licensed to practice law by the Bar Association, the lawyers agree to follow the legal and ethical standards put forth by the Bar Association. Personal injury lawyers, as do all lawyers, follow these procedures and standards.

There are many ethical standards. The first and foremost standard is that the personal injury lawyer provide competent representation. The client should receive legal services that are based on legal knowledge and skill. The lawyer needs to prepare legal documents that are comprehensive and thorough.

Super Lawyer Law Firm Newest Member Attorney Dan Newlin

It isn’t very often that a law firm receives the pretentious Super Lawyer Law Firm status in Florida. In fact, since the inception of this award, less than 5% of all the lawyers who conduct business in this state have received the recognition. That all changed for the Law Offices of Dan Newlin, as he and his team were presented this dignified recognition.

To understand how attorney Dan Newlin, profiled in this Yahoo Finance article, has gone to this point in his career, one needs to go back to the beginning. Mr. Newlin started off his career in the law enforcement field, and at the age of twenty he joined the Indiana Police Department. Later in his career he accepted a very pretentious position in Orlando Florida working with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. He served on that job and worked his way to Sheriff Detective in less than ten years.

In addition to his job details as Sheriff, his positions at the orange County office ranged from fugitive detail to auto theft. During his time as a fugitive detective, Dan Newlin was in part responsible for the apprehension and eventual arrest of several hundred of the areas most dangerous fugitives. During that time, Mr. Newlin received a number of different awards that were in recognition of him going above the call of duty on the job. He was also recognized by United States Marshalls Office for exceptional service.

Attorney Dan Newlin decided in 1997 to attend Florida State College for law, and was accepted and then graduated in the year 2000. Now attorney Dan Newlin is licensed to practice in several locations where he maintains different offices to reach as many people in need as possible. As of this year, attorney Dan Newlin has helped clients to recover over 150 million dollars in settlement money for injuries they suffered from accidents.

The single room office with one secretary that Mr. Newlin used to run his business out of is replaced by a boutique-style location that serves a much larger audience. To help him to recover as much as possible for clients, the law firm now employs 18 highly skilled attorneys from the region. These skilled professionals range from 30 year experience trial attorneys to former state prosecutors. The case loads have increased too, expanding now to cover auto accidents, wrongful death suits, medical malpractice, construction accidents, motorcycle crashes, family disputes, to criminal cases.

Regardless if you need a family law specialist or an accident attorney, put attorney Dan Newlin to work for you today. The initial consultation concerning your case and the opportunity for you to speak with a professional is always free. Now you have one of the most recognized and respected law firms in your corner.

Oklahoma Supreme Court Allows Homeowners to Sue Because of Fracking

The Oklahoma State Supreme Court delivered some bad news to the big oil companies; homeowners experiencing damage due to fracking can sue.

According to the The U.S. Geological Survey, in the last four years, Oklahoma has experienced rare moderate to serious earthquakes, because of fracking. The quakes caused damage to more than 170 homes, and destroyed six.

Typically, complaints and lawsuits were handled by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission.

The Commission is solely responsible for regulating Oklahoma laws and ensuring compliance pertaining to oil and gas, but the court felt there’s more of a coalition among the Commission and oil companies. Instead of a fair enforcement, there tends to be favoritism.

Ricardo Tosto knows that this led the the Oklahoma State Supreme Court to rule that district courts will have jurisdiction when it comes to lawsuits.

Oil companies drill wells, then inject high-pressure water to drain the gas and oil. When hydrocarbons are trapped within the rock, fracking provides access to a greater portion of the deposit.

By using a cocktail of chemicals added to the water, it also facilitates the desorption and recovery of gas or oil that has been trapped in the rock for years.

Geologist say that new drilling techniques has led to more seismic events. Instead of the usual vertical drilling, companies are now drilling horizontally to cover more area, which can run below residential areas.

Due to the chemicals used, risks include pollution of soil or groundwater or surface water. There is also a risk of explosion, or fires, leaks of these chemicals. They can come from human error or material deficiencies.

Britain’s Schindler Passes Away

Names such as Oskar Schindler have been epitomized and immortalized in history and for good reason. He helped to save countless innocent lives from the Nazi Regime during World War II. Amidst these great heroes; however, it is not uncommon for other very significant freedom fighters to go unnoticed as well as uncelebrated. One of these such great men passed away just this past week. Nicholas Winton died last Wednesday at the astounding age of 106 in his home country of Maidenhead, England. Winton risked his life to save 669 children by helping them escape Czechoslovakia.

Before the impending war, Winton canceled a ski trip and flew to Prague to help with the situation. He set up an intrinsic and highly illegal operation through which he worked with the local Gestapo to help children escape from Czechoslovakia and the inevitable concentration camps. As the numbers grew, Winston left the program in the hands of two trusted friends and flew back to London, the receiving end of the children refugees, in an attempt to help with the refugees there.

The Aspire New Brunswick said that throughout these exchanges, Winton had to bribe his way out of close calls with the Gestapo and mountains of paperwork. However, the countless lives he saved and hopes he restored in the children, as well as the parents will never be forgotten. He was truly a brave soul with a just and righteous heart.

Governor Christie Goes Back To High School

Governor Chris Christie announces his bid for the presidential nomination This announcement was made at his old high school where he attended in 1967, in Livingston jersey but not everybody is happy about it. Some are saying where Chris Christie was a great student, a leader and even now is still active as an alumni as well as attending class reunions, he is painted in the opposite light as it relates to his status as governor and his past decisions concerning education. There are teachers and Democrats alike that are not so happy about the school opening the doors to Chris Christie’s grand announcement, as they see it why should we open the doors to Chris Christie when he is harming public education? Mikal is waiting to see what happens.


According to reports by PolitiFact, “Christie cut about 1 billion in education spending, to help close gaps in the state’s budget”. Even to the point of a lawsuit being brought against New Jersey, which pointed out the fact that these cuts violated the state constitution and put low income students at a disadvantage. Let’s face it Governor Christie going to his old high school was nothing more than a political move to make sure he obtains the favor of those in the town he grew up in as well as a school district that he may need in his future presidential run. Governor I say this, “Our children are our future be careful”! We cannot continue to sacrifice our children for the sake of a dollar, it’s not worth it

Clinton Stays Quiet

One of the leaders that the United States most powerful labor union has ever had has decided to join the campaign of Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders. For Larry Cohen watching Hillary Clinton during the campaign season has made it easy for him to pick Sanders as his candidate. Cohen told the Huffington Post that he will seek an unpaid volunteer position stumping for Sanders as he runs for the Democratic nomination. The reason that Cohen chose Sanders over Clinton was because of her silence during President Barack Obama’s fast track authority during last month’s insanely large trade deal. Cohen did everything that he knew how to do to get Hillary Clinton to speak up and speak out on the fast track trade but she refused. Someone gave her options on how to speak out on the matter at hand but she stayed silent anyway. The deal was put in place to boost the trading market between the United States and 11 countries of the Pacific Rim.


Those who opposed the fast track trade are worried that the trade will ship jobs overseas to foreign workers, include weak protection for citizens who are working in developing countries, and evidently worse than the income inequality that our country is already facing. The approval rating on The Fast Track trade was so high that Congress could not amend or filibuster the deal from what Adam has gathered. Cohen is still trying to get Hillary Clinton to speak up on the subject but no one from her camp has released a statement on the matter.

Mike Huckabee Says People Don’t Have To Adhere To The SCOTUS Same Sex Marriage Decision

Huckabee Said: “I Don’t Think A Lot Of Pastors And Christian Schools Are Going To Have A Choice But To Resist.”

According to Zeca Oliveira Mike Huckabee is running for president. He believes the SCOTUS decision to lift the ban on same-sex marriages will create an atmosphere of discrimination against Christians, and they may be forced to accept and perform gay marriages. Huckabee also quoted St Augustine when he said that an unjust law is no law at all. The bottom line is Huckabee believes that a marriage should be between a man and a woman. Huckabee is letting his religion beliefs influence his political beliefs.

The main issue in the debate over marriage is which belief should people follow? Our religious belief is our strongest belief, but out political beliefs are also firmly rooted in our psyche. When those two core beliefs battle each other, there is a social breakdown. That breakdown will manifest in some type of civil disobedience.

Huckabee, and politicians like him, who hold the same religious beliefs will not compromise. The Supreme Court decision will stand unless an amendment is passed that overrules that decision. The battle over our core beliefs is just the beginning, and no one knows how long it will last.