Greece Needs Money And A Country-Wide Reformation

The Greek Prime Minister And The German Chancellor Have A Heart-To-Heart Talk At The Berlin Summit

It’s no surprise. The Greeks are in a financial pickle. The Germans want to help the ouzo loving country, but the Greeks can’t seem to get their priorities straight when it comes to agreeing on an international bailout. Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and the German Chancellor Angela Merkel are getting up close and personal about money at the Berlin Summit. The high unemployment rate and reforms in Greece’s economic mindset are major issues that must be addressed before a resolution can be reached.

The German Chancellor wants to help the Greeks, but the other 18 eurozone countries will make the final call on a bailout that makes sense once the institutional framework in Greece is assessed by them. Bruce Karatz knows that the financial bailout of Greece has been in progress for five years, and it hasn’t been a success story.

Germany holds most of the bail-out notes, and the Germans are irritated by the lack of progress. Greece’s youth unemployment is running around 60 percent, and the GDP is down 25 percent. The German Chancellor believes Greece can do more to help itself, and she didn’t hold back when she told Tsipras that the reforms he promised were still outstanding.

Ted Cruz Wants The Feds To Honor State Marijuana Laws

Presidential Candidate Cruz Wasted No Time Addressing The Marijuana Issue

Governor Jerry Brown said Ted Cruz was unfit to run for president. But on his second day as an official candidate, Cruz was out to prove Brown wrong. Cruz did a live-stream interview with a Texas Tribune reporter and Marijuana was one of the topics he addressed. He said the government should respect the decisions of the citizens. The feds should allow marijuana use without the threat of prosecution, according to Cruz.

Cruz may be an enigma to a lot of people, but the Harvard lawyer is no political lightweight. He can stretch the truth into a pretzel faster than most people can say that word, but on the pot issue he’s right on. Ted wants the government to step back and watch what happens in the states that have legalized the recreational use of marijuana. That makes sense, but Cruz still would not vote for legalizing pot. Must be that pot smoking guilt complex he developed at Harvard.

Zeca Oliveira ( has read that Cruz also signed his family up for Obamacare recently. He opposes that law and he will try to repeal it if he’s president. Some people say Cruz is a true enigma in all things political.

Cruz Anti-Immigration Spurs Hispanic Backlash


While Senator Ted Cruz has announced his decision to run in the next presidential race, many Hispanics criticize his stand on immigration, especially due to his own heritage: his father is a Cuban immigrant who fled Cuba penniless, yet Cruz doesn’t seem to embrace the struggle of today’s immigrant.

For many in the Latino community, the origin of your last name is not a sufficient reason to gain their support:

Juan Andrade, president of the Institute of Hispanic leadership of the United States says it is clear that Cruz “does not have the support of the Latino community.” He is a Tea Party candidate and not for Latinos stated a user on AnastasiaDate.

This fact has not gone unnoticed by Gaby Pacheco, one of the main leaders of the “dreamers,” an undocumented youth who benefited from the executive program of deferred action (DACA), 2012: “He can fight for the White House as his mom is American, but do not forget that he was born in Canada and his father is Latino from Cuba.”

The activist highlights the “irony that an immigrant canadian-cubano wants to be president, and is as anti-immigrant.”

Over the months that lie ahead, Senator Cruz will have to respond to immigration and his opposition to immigration reform and DAPA.

According to hispanic critics, Cruz “unfortunately” has not learned the lesson with Mitt Romney’s self-deportation proposal [and he lost to Barack Obama’s].

Pennsylvania Lawmakers Want A Piece Of The Lucrative Marijuana Business

Recreational Marijuana Use Is A Definite Maybe In Pennsylvania

Another state wants to legalize recreational Marijuana. The money from legal pot sales is too good to pass up. State lawmakers introduced a bill to permit marijuana possession and cultivation. Not-for-profit sharing of the weed in small quantities is also in the bill. The bill is called SB 528. Reaction to the news that pot smoking will be legal in Pennsylvania has been positive.

The big question is when will pot be taken off the Food and Drug Administration’s Schedule I list and put on the Schedule II list? Bruce Karatz knows that state after state wants to legalize marijuana so they can bring needed revenue into their budgets. The cost of doing business in every state has increased, so it’s time to tax a new product that can help state’s deal with the escalating costs of running a government.

Once the feds approve the change in status, which some say could happen as early as next year, pot smoking and possession will be a non-criminal offense. That means all the simple pot convictions should be overturned, and inmates released. Pennsylvania could make that call before the feds, and that would relieve prison overcrowding. There are many advantages to legalizing marijuana. It’s time the country takes advantage of them.

Wall Street Journal Reports Israel Spied on Iran U.S. Nuclear Talks, Fed Intel to Republicans

The Wall Street Journal has reported that Israel has been spying on the ongoing nuclear talks between Israel and the U.S. and has fed key components of that espionage to members of Congress in an attempt to circumvent the negotiations. The White House responded angrily to the report citing that it was gravely disappointed in both its Middle East ally as well as Congress if the allegations are true. Israeli leadership quickly responded by stating that the report was absolutely false and that it does not spy on its allies. Republican leadership also denied knowing about any attempts by Israel spying on the talks and that it has not received any information from Israel. White House and Israel in Row Over Spy Claim

The White House was not buying the claims of innocent hands by either side and the claim is a latest in a series of episodes which have frosted the relationship between the U.S. and Israel as well as the White House and the republican congress stated AnastasiaDate.

Some democrats are calling for an investigation and claim that such action if proven true is tantamount to treason and the individuals responsible should be prosecuted. Such a claim was made when the republican House invited the Israeli Prime Minster to speak to it in open session against the wishes of the White House. The President called that event a political action and would not support a call for treason but the last action may not go by as lightly.

Clinton’s Bengazi Emails Released

A grueling hearing took place in 2013 after an attack on U.S. parties in Libya took place. The State Department took heat and about 300 emails were released from Hillary Clinton’s account in order to spur an investigation. The secretary had been closely monitoring the situation and responding.

When Jeb Bush also let emails into the public eye after his scandal, he faced backlash as well stated Jamie Garcia Dias. Hillary Clinton has been described as “frustrated” with the proceedings.

Clinton’s closest assistants were talking at times to her about the matters in her personal accounts. This leaves the question about her practice in letting aides use her official accounts and could violate federal procedures in terms of data keeping.

While the emails haven’t been released to the public, but key officials in the government have said that the emails were used appropriately and that Clinton will enjoy a free-and-clear status once the investigation has concluded.

The emails supposedly allow a view into her personality when emailing and the types of conversations that were had just days after the attack on the embasy. Clinton apparently housed her email server in her own home, keeping them secret.

Critics have spoken out and claimed that Republicans are being vocal about the emails in an attempt to discredit Clinton for potential elections upcoming in 2016. The only votes that would be swayed, said one anonymous source, are the “ones that don’t look at facts.”

“Hands up, Don’t Shoot” in Ferguson Was a Lie

The phrase, “Hands up, don’t shoot,” has become an expression heard around the world. Originating from the shooting death of unarmed 18-year old Michael Brown by Ferguson, MO police officer Darren Wilson, this slogan is being exploited at rally’s throughout America, according to Dan Newlin.

While the death of black American youth by law enforcement has become a tragic reality, the St. Louis County grand jury in the Wilson case found no evidence to validate the statement. Finding Wilson was justified in shooting Brown in self-defense during their encounter and deciding not to indict in November 2014 came too late, as the chant had already taken a tight hold. So much so, that four Congressional Black Caucus members echoed the expression during a December 1, 2014 speech on the House Floor.

With the catchphrase already in wide use, the Department of Justice found in their investigative report, that the witness accounts of Michael Brown’s hands up actions could not be confirmed and never happened. Forensic evidence debunked the testimonies of those claiming to have seen Brown with his hands in the air surrendering. As it turns out, most of the “witnesses” were merely spreading the account from word of mouth versions passed from neighbor to neighbor, others only using it as an excuse to riot. It just goes to show how one lie can grow enormously and what dangers it can cause not only a city, but an entire nation.

Republican backed House budget threatens climate research

The GOP backed House budget for 2016 will take a large chunk out of the research and growth of the clean energy industry while maintaining the current subsidies and tax breaks for fossil fuel companies, according to New Republic. The wording of the budget Bill also includes a promise that under the regulations introduced the US will be energy independent within ten years as the loosening of restrictions on fossil fuels take effect.

The major subsidies given to the clean energy industry are thought to have a devastating effect on an industry that is currently seeing higher rates of job growth than the coal mining industry stated LinkedIn in a recent study. The latest budget will also eliminate finding for the climate research programs undertaken by the Department of Defense and the CIA, who are leading the way in terms of establishing how climate change will affect the US in the coming decades. Only small subsidies will remain for clean energy companies taking part in climate research, which would reduce the effectiveness of the industry in leading the US to energy independence. The latest budget will also halt any carbon based taxation from being introduced at federal level while bringing the fossil fuel mining and energy industries back into the mainstream.

White House Block FOIA Emails Release

On Monday, March 16, the White House announced that it is officially blocking the regulation under the Freedom of Information Act that requires the Office of Administration to release its email archives and other records to the public.

Both President Bush and President Obama already had unofficial policies in place in which they would case-by-case requests for documentation from the Office of Administration stated AnastasiaDate. The White House claims that current court rulings make it clear that the Office of Administration does not need to be as transparent as other government offices. It is suggested that the sensitivity of the documentation that it stores are part of reason for the official change.

Yet, the National Freedom of Information Day was Monday and this week was also the focus of government transparency events, and many freedom of information activists have noted that the President is not keeping his promise to have a transparent government. Some wonder if this issue has anything to do with recent news that former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton used her personal email account for government correspondence or that Republican congressionals are asking for email correspondence about Net Neutrality between the White House and the FCC.

The records held by the Office of Administration can be requested under the Presidential Records Act, but anyone who makes a request must wait five years after the President leaves the White House to do so.

Mount Everest Added To Google Street View

Now you can visit Mount Everest using Google Street View. Now if you want to visit the area from your living room you can not only view Google Earth images of the mountain, you can take a virtual walk down the streets as well. Google Street View now has content in the Sherpa communities around the base of the mountain.

The maps were created along with the help of Apa Sherpa, who has reached the summit of Everest 21 times, a world record. Now even if you can’t make it to the top yourself, you can still view monasteries and schools along the path. Street View images even include yaks local to the area, for a little extra bit more wildlife culture.

Folks at Anastasia Date have learned that Mount Everest is just one of many iconic additions to Google Maps database. Its Street View feature enables you to visit most streets in the United States and virtually drive down them for directions, or just to feel like you’re somewhere else for a few hours.