Britain’s Schindler Passes Away

Names such as Oskar Schindler have been epitomized and immortalized in history and for good reason. He helped to save countless innocent lives from the Nazi Regime during World War II. Amidst these great heroes; however, it is not uncommon for other very significant freedom fighters to go unnoticed as well as uncelebrated. One of these such great men passed away just this past week. Nicholas Winton died last Wednesday at the astounding age of 106 in his home country of Maidenhead, England. Winton risked his life to save 669 children by helping them escape Czechoslovakia.

Before the impending war, Winton canceled a ski trip and flew to Prague to help with the situation. He set up an intrinsic and highly illegal operation through which he worked with the local Gestapo to help children escape from Czechoslovakia and the inevitable concentration camps. As the numbers grew, Winston left the program in the hands of two trusted friends and flew back to London, the receiving end of the children refugees, in an attempt to help with the refugees there.

The Aspire New Brunswick said that throughout these exchanges, Winton had to bribe his way out of close calls with the Gestapo and mountains of paperwork. However, the countless lives he saved and hopes he restored in the children, as well as the parents will never be forgotten. He was truly a brave soul with a just and righteous heart.

Governor Christie Goes Back To High School

Governor Chris Christie announces his bid for the presidential nomination This announcement was made at his old high school where he attended in 1967, in Livingston jersey but not everybody is happy about it. Some are saying where Chris Christie was a great student, a leader and even now is still active as an alumni as well as attending class reunions, he is painted in the opposite light as it relates to his status as governor and his past decisions concerning education. There are teachers and Democrats alike that are not so happy about the school opening the doors to Chris Christie’s grand announcement, as they see it why should we open the doors to Chris Christie when he is harming public education? Mikal is waiting to see what happens.


According to reports by PolitiFact, “Christie cut about 1 billion in education spending, to help close gaps in the state’s budget”. Even to the point of a lawsuit being brought against New Jersey, which pointed out the fact that these cuts violated the state constitution and put low income students at a disadvantage. Let’s face it Governor Christie going to his old high school was nothing more than a political move to make sure he obtains the favor of those in the town he grew up in as well as a school district that he may need in his future presidential run. Governor I say this, “Our children are our future be careful”! We cannot continue to sacrifice our children for the sake of a dollar, it’s not worth it

Clinton Stays Quiet

One of the leaders that the United States most powerful labor union has ever had has decided to join the campaign of Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders. For Larry Cohen watching Hillary Clinton during the campaign season has made it easy for him to pick Sanders as his candidate. Cohen told the Huffington Post that he will seek an unpaid volunteer position stumping for Sanders as he runs for the Democratic nomination. The reason that Cohen chose Sanders over Clinton was because of her silence during President Barack Obama’s fast track authority during last month’s insanely large trade deal. Cohen did everything that he knew how to do to get Hillary Clinton to speak up and speak out on the fast track trade but she refused. Someone gave her options on how to speak out on the matter at hand but she stayed silent anyway. The deal was put in place to boost the trading market between the United States and 11 countries of the Pacific Rim.


Those who opposed the fast track trade are worried that the trade will ship jobs overseas to foreign workers, include weak protection for citizens who are working in developing countries, and evidently worse than the income inequality that our country is already facing. The approval rating on The Fast Track trade was so high that Congress could not amend or filibuster the deal from what Adam has gathered. Cohen is still trying to get Hillary Clinton to speak up on the subject but no one from her camp has released a statement on the matter.

Mike Huckabee Says People Don’t Have To Adhere To The SCOTUS Same Sex Marriage Decision

Huckabee Said: “I Don’t Think A Lot Of Pastors And Christian Schools Are Going To Have A Choice But To Resist.”

According to Zeca Oliveira Mike Huckabee is running for president. He believes the SCOTUS decision to lift the ban on same-sex marriages will create an atmosphere of discrimination against Christians, and they may be forced to accept and perform gay marriages. Huckabee also quoted St Augustine when he said that an unjust law is no law at all. The bottom line is Huckabee believes that a marriage should be between a man and a woman. Huckabee is letting his religion beliefs influence his political beliefs.

The main issue in the debate over marriage is which belief should people follow? Our religious belief is our strongest belief, but out political beliefs are also firmly rooted in our psyche. When those two core beliefs battle each other, there is a social breakdown. That breakdown will manifest in some type of civil disobedience.

Huckabee, and politicians like him, who hold the same religious beliefs will not compromise. The Supreme Court decision will stand unless an amendment is passed that overrules that decision. The battle over our core beliefs is just the beginning, and no one knows how long it will last.

Donald Trump Says Illegal Aliens Can Stay

Donald Trump is a world famous billionaire, and people around the world have different opinions about him. However, one thing’s for certain, Donald Trump is a true business genius. However, Donald Trump recently caused headlines throughout the media, and it seems that his recent announcement has caused an uproar.

For those of you who missed it, Donald Trump recently revealed that he will be running for the President of the United States. Folks at Boraie Development ( know that his announcement was met with mixed reviews, but I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing. Some people hate Donald Trump, and I don’t understand why. Donald Trump has experience running massive corporations, and I believe that his skills would transfer over well as President of the United States.

Let’s be honest, we have had worst Presidents than Trump, and we should really think about having a business genius like Trump run our country. Donald Trump has promised to accelerate the growth of our economy, and for some reason, I believe that he could do it. Also, Trump recently announced that he would allow immigrants to stay in America. However, they would need to contribute to the economy and earn their citizenship. Donald Trump has some good ideas, and TMZ recently published an article that features much more information about Trump’s presidential plans.

Palin Gets Fox’s Boot

The Fox News Channel is known for its prominent and relevant contributors who come on and share their dialogue and opinions with viewers. The popular news channel made the decision to no longer keep former Alaska governor and Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin on their payroll. A spokeswoman for the Fox News Network confirmed that the contract that Palin was under had expired on the 1st day of June. Executives at Fox News have decided to keep from Palin from renewing her contract. Palin is still allowed to come on Fox News broadcast programs as a guest, but will no longer receive monetary compensation for her time or advice. Since 2008 Sarah Palin was considered a popular and much sought-after TV commodity after her 2008 election bid for the Vice Presidency. In January of 2010 Sarah Palin signed a contract with Fox News network making her one of Fox’s many commentators. James Dondero says this happened only a few months after Sarah Palin stepped down from her Alaska governorship. When Palin first started broadcasting for Fox News she was getting paid more than 1 million dollars a year for her contributions and appearances. Over time the network cut back her payments and lessened her appearances. Palin thanked the Fox News network for their time and effort that they put into her and her career. She plans on using her contract release time to pursue other political aspirations.

Alabama’s Governor Orders The Confederate Flag Removed From The Capitol Building

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley decide he wanted to get rid of the Confederate flags on state capitol grounds, and it didn’t take him long to it. Bentley did what other governors around the country are doing. SlideShare implied that they want to distance themselves from racism and intolerance. Alabama has always been a state that stood behind the Confederate flag. There was too much history and suffering associated with it to ignore it. But the times have changed, and the flag is now a sign of separation rather than unity.

When the Confederate flag was first created it was a sign of unity. It was a sign of freedom from the tyranny of the North. But that’s not true now. The Confederate flag is used as a sign of hate and racism by a few ignorant people that don’t understand that discerning unity is a better approach that aggressive violence.

Governor Bentley does have another challenge in front of him. The Alabama state flag does resemble the Confederate flag. Some people will want to change that flag too.

Chinese minister rebuts US critics

Lou Jiwei, the Chinese Finance Minister, called out the United States on Tuesday as a response to US criticisms of China investing in their infrastructure as a way of artificially powering their growth. As a response to this claim by the United States, Lou Jiwei said that the United States should save more by increasing their domestic savings and invest in their own infrastructure.

For many Americans on the Skout network, this comment hit home as the United States has failed to invest in large infrastructure projects with local governors even rejecting assigned Federal money for projects such as building high speed trains and expanding and repairing major roads.

These comments came during the Strategic and Economic conference between the rival countries. Specific comments requested that the US increases its structural reform process and continues to develop processes to increase the number of people working, which he said during a press conference. Doing so would help the United States make a contribution to the economic development of the world.

The Strategic and Economic conference was held in Washington and was a response to the US Treasury Secretary, Jacob Lew, pushing China to reduce its fiscal monetary controls which pegged the Chinese Yuan to the US Dollar, and to allow for increased domestic consumption. Further criticisms surrounded what appears to be government sponsored terrorism that hacked into US Government databases which the US commented falls outside of the accepted actions of a nation.

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Texas Pastor Takes Gay Marriage Opposition To Another Level

Pastor Rick Scarborough Says He Is Willing To Be Burned To Death To Honor His Fight Against Gay Marriage

Baptist pastor and Christian political activist, Rick Scarborough, said he is willing to be burned to death rather than approve same-sex marriages. Scarborough is just one of thousands of Baptists that believe same-sex marriages are against God’s law. Baptists’ quote the Bible as the reference for that belief. The fact that Scarborough and other pastors think that death is a better solution than compromise is an alarming revelation.

Baptist church members across the country that oppose gay marriages recently said they would not abide by the Supreme Court decision is the justices lift the ban on same-sex marriages nationwide. They claim the government has no say in the matter reports Shaygan Kheradpir. Only God decides what is right, according to some Baptists.

Gays and lesbians have never be accepted in some churches. Some religions tolerate them as long as they stay in the closet. The battle between church and state over same-sex marriage is just beginning, according to Baptist preachers. Some pastors feel tradition values are lost when gays marry. That judgment shows how difficult this battle might be for some church goers. When the Supreme Court rules on the pending case, all hell might break loose.