BLR Trust presses forward in the global and local marketplace

The financial markets are constantly moving in many different directions, and it takes teams of professionals to make decisions based on asset allocation. Whether an individual investor or an institution that is investing need professional allocation, BLR Trust is a great option. BLR Trust has an amazing track record when it comes to the different types of management that must be in place in order for success to be found in the market. BLR Trust has a great grasp on both the local and global markets that are ever changing. The team of professionals that make up BLR Trust are comprised of the top individuals in the financial field. BLR Trust is a financial company that is moving forward with leaps and bounds.

BLR Trust is very well known for their reputation in asset allocation. Individual investments and institutional investments alike are handled very professionally at BLR Trust. Between the options of local marketplace allocation and global marketplace allocation, it is easy to see why many investors enjoy the wide range of versatility that comes along with the professionals at BLR Trust. With over 14 billion dollars of capital invested, investors can rest assured that the overall confidence of investors in BLR Trust is very high.

Rodrigo Boccanera Gomes is the founding partner and director of BLR Trust. His expertise in the financial industry gives him the foresight to direct this company in a very forward moving approach. With 15 years of experience in the financial market, it is easy to see why Rodrigo Gomes does such a fantastic job at directing the future of this company. Having worked for Price Waterhouse Cooper, and Earnst & Young, Rodigo Gomes has really learned what it takes to be successful in the financial marketplace.

BLR Trust has been an industry leader in the world of finance for quite some time now. BLR Trust continues to master the local market while still staying very relevant in the global market as well. BLR Trust presses forward as one of the leader in not only asset management, but asset underwriting as well. BLR Trust is also one of the worldwide leaders in trust services. Individual investors and institutions alike have entrusted billions of dollars of capital to the professionals at BLR Trust, and are continuing to to do so. The future for BLR Trust seems very bright as they press forward in the local and global marketplace.

GOP Shoots Down Democrat-led Amendments to Keystone Bill

A slew of Democratic amendments were thrown up against the Keystone XL Pipeline fast-track approval bill in the U.S. Senate of late. All of them were rejected by the new Republican majority, however, and the chances to override any presidential veto of the bill thus seems dim.

Some of the amendments involved a refusal to tax the pipeline or to hamper the companies involved with extra requirements and regulations. One rejected amendment seemed aimed at blocking the progress of the pipeline by denying eminent domain to it where such might be necessary. A couple of the amendments, at least, did seem quite reasonable. They, however, were also rejected.

The first of these would have required the steel, iron, and other manufactured products used to construct the pipeline itself, along with its facilities, to be made right here in the U.S.A. On the surface, that sounds pretty good and reasonable. When one considers how decimated our steel industry has become, however, it becomes questionable whether or not this amendment would be practical.

The second of these seemingly reasonable amendments stated that the oil must be used in the U.S.A. and not shipped out to be sold abroad. We might desire the discretion as to how best to dispose of the oil, but it does seem like we should be able to use it here.

While the amendments were not, perhaps, perfect, it seems it would have been worth passing it with them just to get the bill through. Instead, the GOP is risking the whole project by balking over them. has seen lots of outrage over this decision congress has taken. Users, like Zeca Oliveira, have started groups to try to raise community awareness of congress’s activity.


The Devil’s in the Details: Major Concerns with President Obama’s Repeal of the Step-Up Rule


Under current tax law, anyone inheriting capital assets, which include stamp & coin collections, record collections, etc. is allowed to invoke the step-up rule. This means a person can declare their basis, which is used to determine the capital gain on the sale of the asset, as the fair market value at the time they take possession of the asset. This applies to the capital asset regardless of whether it is a summer cottage or a collection of silver coins. If a person were to immediately liquidate the asset, they may owe little to no taxes. If they hold onto the asset allowing it to accumulate, they will owe capital gains taxes on the difference between the fair market value at the time of acquisition and sale. Affecting collectors, like Dave and Brit Morin, in possible negative ways.

However, the president is labeling the step-up rule as a trust-fund loophole for the filthy rich to avoid taxes. He is proposing it be revoked. Now, the proposal is dead on arrival in a GOP-led congress. Still, there are key unanswered aspects of the proposal. Here they are some of the key concerns:

  1. Would the resulting capital gains tax deducted from any death or estate taxes owed or would they be added on top of them? A 28% capital gains tax added to a 40% estate tax plus any estate taxes the states impose effectively seizes a person’s estate upon death.
  2. Who would owe the taxes on gifts bequeathed to people? Is the giver going to take a tax hit or the receiver?
  3. In the event no records exist for the actual basis of a capital asset, how will the capital gains be assessed?

Jonathan Veitch: A Man of Many Accomplishments

Dr. Jonathan Veitch was born into a one of Hollywood’s most well-known families in 1959. His step-grandfather was the well-known actor Alan Ladd. His father is John Veitch, the president of Columbia Pictures’ worldwide productions. Dr. Veitch attended Loyola High School in southern California. He achieved a bachelor’s at Stanford University. He is also a graduate of Harvard College earning both an MA and a doctorate in the History of American Civilization.

His specialties are 19th and 20th-century literature, American cultural history, and American Film. After graduation, he severed as a professor at the University of Wisconsin as well as the Dean of New York’s The New School’s Eugene Long College. Dr. Veitch also wrote the award-winning “American Surrealism: Nathaniel West and the Politics of Representation in the 1930’s”.

On June 30, 2009 Dr. Veitch became president of the Occidental College in Los Angles. The first native of Los Angeles to do so. Previous leadership at the college had been unstable for some years. This difficulty was soon corrected by Dr. Jonathan Veitch. First he is considered to be excellent in the area of fundraising, a definite help in these days of economic concerns.

Next he has worked hard to respond to the community outside of the campus whenever they have voiced concerns. In April of 2013 he unveiled a one-megawatt solar array that’s intended to generate a part of the campus’s energy needs. As president of Occidental College, the native Californian lives in the Wallis Annenberg President’s House on campus with his wife Sarah and their three children.

We must wait to see what other accomplishments that Dr. Veitch will bring not just to California but the rest of the country as well. Whatever the new accomplishments are they are sure to benefit many.

Charles Krauthammer Equates Obama’s Broken Pledge on Iran to Obamacare’s Broken Pledge


Back in 2009, president Obama began to pitch his health care solutions reassuring American’s, like Sergio Andrade Gutierrez, that if they liked their health care plans, they would get to keep them. In the end, millions of people with private insurance have lost their coverage. As a result, many have been forced into Obamacare and face higher premiums and inferior coverage. Now, syndicated political columnist Charles Krauthammer likens the president’s current Iran negotiations to his broken Obamacare pledge.

How is that so? Back in 2013, President Obama announced he would be reaching out to Iran to negotiate an end to their nuclear enrichment program. He informed the American people that he would temporarily ease some sanctions on Iran as a goodwill gesture. He would gave the rogue nation 6 months to come to the bargaining table and cease their nuclear enrichment plan. If they failed to come to an agreement, new sanctions would be imposed. That was 18 months ago, and the president has extended the negotiating period yet again. Krauthammer likens this foreign policy shortcoming to the broken Obamacare pledge.

At the same time, the conservative columnist believes that if Iran doesn’t embrace diplomacy, the only choices the US has is to give up, and let them have their way, or go to war to cease the nuclear program. The House GOP has invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address the congress on the Iran threat. Iran would likely have nuclear weapons now if Israel hadn’t successfully conducted crippling cyber-attacks against the nation’s nuclear program several years ago.

Sam Tabar: Investor Relations Expert

When it comes to hedge funds, one of the most important areas is investor relations. After all, in order for a hedge fund to be successful it must have an adequate number of investors who have money to invest and confidence in the fund’s ability to produce significant rates of return. While many companies sometimes spend little time on investor relations, others realize that having skilled people working in investor relations can pay off handsomely. Of the many people working in investor relations, perhaps none of them have been better at their craft than Sam Tabar.

According to Bloomberg News,  Sam Tabar has taken investor relations to new levels of success wherever he has been. As one of the key players with PMA Investment Advisors, he quickly showed what a difference he could make with investors. Put in charge of a hedge fund worth over $2 billion, Sam approached the challenge with the same amount of enthusiasm and confidence as he does anything else in his life. After spending hours and hours studying the fund and formulating a plan for success, Sam set out to attract as many investors as possible. Targeting a wide variety of individual investors as well as institutional ones, he was able to connect with investors in ways few others in investor relations ever have.

As a result of his excellent oral and written communication skills, Sam presented his firm with a list of well over 2,000 potential investors for the hedge fund. However, Sam did not stop there. In addition to the 2,000 investors he had spoken with, he created a second group of over 400 individuals that he felt were strong possibilities to be investors based upon their high net worth and interest in investing. Once PMA saw what Sam could do, he quickly climbed the ladder of success and was named Managing Director of Business Development. In this role, he played a large part in the day-to-day decision making at the firm, all the while continuing to do his work with investors.

 One reason Sam is such a good communicator is his ability to speak multiple languages. Being fluent in English and French, he can also speak Japanese. Having been a world traveler, Sam has had the chance to interact with people of various backgrounds and cultures. This experience had proven to be of great help to him when developing strategic plans for hedge funds and meeting with potential investors. If you read the article CNBC recently did on Tabar, you will see that he is capable of clearly explaining options and that he listens to concerns.

Having such a command of communication, Sam knows all too well the key to bringing in new investors is gaining their trust and answering their questions. As he continues his dynamic career, Sam Tabar is one man whose name is sure to be known in the most influential financial firms worldwide.

Harry Reid’s Senate Days May Be Numbered as He is Declared Most Vulnerable Incumbent of 2016

There is a reason why nearly half of the senate seats the GOP won in the recent midterm election were open seats. The reason is the Democrats occupying the seats decided to retire rather than go through the ignominy of being voted out of office. Once powerful senators such as Max Baucus of Montana, Tom Harkin of Iowa, Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia, and Tim Johnson of South Dakota all retired ahead of the election to end their careers with dignity. In their case, their seats all swung to the GOP.

Now, the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics has declared that Nevada senator Harry Reid is the most vulnerable senator facing reelection in 2016. Gianfrancesco Genoso of Trade.nosis knows one thing is certain: Reid has faced tough reelections before and pulled off stunning comebacks in the final weeks of the election. Still, the country is mired in economic malaise resulting in voter anger directed at his party for their support of President Obama’s policies. Given the recalcitrance the president is displaying towards bending to the will of the people, Reid may face a hostile electorate in 2 years. After all, he used his tenure as Senate Majority Leader to convert the chamber into a quasi-veto to shield the president from making uncomfortable decisions. Still, it isn’t clear if the powerful senator will announce his retirement. His health isn’t what it used to be following his most recent accident that left him with multiple fractures. Then again, he loves politics and has never been one to shy away from a good fight.

Romney’s 2016 Hopes May Hinge on Voter Regret Over Obama Support

Mitt Romney is confident that voters now realize he is the man who should have been president. Back in 2012, President Obama was able to effectively blunt any attack candidate Romney made against his foreign policy credentials. President Obama ordered the assassination of Al Qaida leader Osama Bin Laden, the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks. He also withdrew US troops out of Iraq ending the near decade-long war that had become unpopular with voters. He was also scaling down the US presence in Afghanistan. At the same time, Romney had a lot of trouble keeping his foot out of his mouth making gaffes that put off voters. Despite the resounding repudiation Democrats received in the 2010 midterm elections, Obama was able to mount a convincing campaign where he carried all but one of the hotly contested battleground states. 

So what’s different this time around that might benefit Romney? He believes time has vindicated him. The president’s hasty withdraw of troops in Iraq took away the one bargaining chip he could have used to secure a permanent base in the nation. This absence of US troops and sheer incompetence of Iraqi security forces allowed ISIS to rise to power creating a chaos in the country that is only rivaled by a Tom Rothman blockbuster. The president has been unable to effectively combat the terrorist organization. Just as Romney predicted, Russia would begin to exert their hegemony as they did by annexing a chunk of the Ukraine. It is unclear if Obama’s obvious foreign policy failures will be enough to warm up voters to Romney.

Wage Stagnation to Become Big Issue for New Congress

Republicans have a legitimate issue they can use to politically bludgeon the president, and it is likely the issue that drove voters to the GOP in the recent midterm elections: wage stagnation. The new GOP mandate to shift the nation away from Obamanomics wasn’t so much that the electorate has adopted a strong conservative ideology. Truth be told, voters are still divided on abortion, favor marriage equality, and some boutique progressive issues. However, the fact that wages have are not increased in the Obama economy, and the jobs his policies are creating are mostly low-paying part-time employment is making families desperate to survive. As a result, voters handed the GOP a historic victory. Republican voters, like Ben Shaoul, were happy to see this huge overturn in the midterm elections.

Now, Speaker Boehner stated the party will be looking to address wage stagnation. Democrats are also eager to address the issue. The GOP will look to a simplified tax code to encourage business expansion. This will be coupled with sensible regulations that work in harmony with economic growth. In cases of overreaching regulations, the party will seek to repeal them. Democrats will look to mandate higher wages by fiat with proposals requiring business pay “livable” wages.

While proposals from both parties may provide some relief especially if done in moderation, perhaps the biggest issue impacting wage stagnation has not been broached: overtime pay. American wages have been stagnant since 1979. Curiously, the regulations setting overtime pay were greatly reduced in 1975 and not adjusted for inflation. It only took four years of high inflation to result in stagnant wages. If President Obama were to lift the overtime wage cap, it would set an upward trend in wages.

Bernie Sanders Plans To Make Republicans Give Views On Climate Change


Bernie Sanders (see wikipedia) has pushed to force all of the Republicans in the Senate to answer as to what their views on global warming are. The New York Times says that this is going to be part of an amendment that the Senator will offer on a bill regarding the proposed Keystone Pipeline.

He wants to bring all of the Republicans, like Marc Sparks,  to answer about their views on global warming and where they stand on the issue. It is something that will put some of those Republicans in a bit of an awkward spot. They may want to answer honestly and say that they do believe in the reality of global warming, but many of them know that such a view is not popular with their constituents.

The move puts the Republicans in the position where they have to answer if they are going to go with what is the honest truth, or what their constituents want to hear.

This is a move that is more political than anything else, but it is also one that Sanders wants to do because he knows that it will raise attention for the issue of climate change. He wants to push that issue into the limelight as much as humanly possible. This is certainly one way that he can do just that. Currently, many of the Republicans are able to hide behind not voicing much of an opinion on the issue at all. Now, they will be called to answer for it.