Madison Street Capital Seeks New Expansion Opportunities

The future of Madison Street Capital depends on seasoned and strategic executives like Charles Botchway to manage the firm’s international investment banking operations. Known for cultivating meaningful and sustained partnerships with his clients, this strategic Chief Executive Officer strives to motivate his team of advisors with effective business practices. Essentially, under his profound leadership the employees have assisted thousands of well-respected figures and major corporations in achieving their long-term financial goals. In fact, the firm’s extensive portfolio of advisory services has encouraged many of their investors to dominate the global marketplace. Remarkably, Botchways’s noteworthy and effective managerial experiences has greatly contributed to Madison Street Capital’s recognition as one of the world’s most powerful alternative investment corporations.

After he completed his educational training at the George Washington University, Botchway served as the Managing Director of Advisory & Intermediary Services, LLC for approximately two years. Following his resignation at this prestiois corporation, he was hired for a Co-Chief Executive Officer and Vice Chairman role by Houlihan Smith & Company, Inc. in 2005. Remarkably, his great success at these renowned companies lee to the development of an extensive professional portfolio encompassing specializations in financial modeling, business valuation, investment banking, mergers & acquisitions, venture capital, corporate finance, private equity, and due diligence.

Botchway’s former professional experience at two mid-sized corporations provided him with the necessary knowledge to propel Madison Street Capital to unprecedented success. Throughout the course of his admirable leadership, this influential strategist sought to present the best collection of financial advisory services to individuals worldwide. Essentially, his primary goal was to promote transparency, boldness, and excellence in all of their proprietary business practices. Currently, the firm maintains an extensive database of exceptional offerings related to mergers & acquisitions, tax compliance, company valuation, purchase price allocations, share-based compensation, structured finance products, solvency & capital adequacy, financial sponsor coverage, portfolio valuation services, restructuring services, independent 3rd party fairness opinions, goodwill & intangible asset impairment, bankruptcy services, private placements, buyout advisory, capital restructuring, corporate governance, and ESOP advisory. Moreover, by employing their revolutionary financial strategies, Botchway and his team of extremely knowledgeable employees assisted a variety of major corporations including Hatch Chile Company, InteriorMark, Information Sciences Consulting, Cardiovascular Insights, TruGolf, and DSA Vacations. With offices in North America, Africa, and Asia, Madison Street Capital has proudly earned the trust of many individuals across the globe with their outstanding financial services and dedication to their clients.

Yeonmi Park: North Korean Defector Who Fights Back

Yeonmi Park isn’t a household name nor is she some elite political figure. What Park is, at the words barest definition, is a survivor. She was born and raised under the oppressive regime of Kim Jong Un in North Korea. She lost much of her childhood to the famine, poverty, and disease that swept through her country. Park spent two years as a child-mistress for a human trafficking ring and she watched as her mother was abused by the very same people. She hiked for miles through the Gobi Desert, enduring -40 degree weather, in order to find a better life. Now she’s speaking up, writing a book, and putting the light on the atrocities that she faced in order to prevent them from occurring in the future to others.

A Rough Childhood
Yeonmi Park and her mother would flee North Korea in 2007 after her father wasn’t forced into a labor camp for selling metals to China without North Korean approval. Missing from that context is the fact that Mr. Park was merely doing what he could to keep his family alive. Since 1990 the family, and millions of others, had watched as their country fell into extreme poverty. Hunger was rampant, paranoia was in the air, and famine soon followed. Neighbors were against neighbors and speaking out in emotion was considered the highest of treason.

A Harrowing Escape
When Yeonmi Park and her mother decided to get out of the country they had to enlist the help of a man who could get them across the Yulu River. Along the Chinese borders, North Korea had positioned guards who were ordered to shoot anyone who was seen to be fleeing from the country. So they took to the river and eventually made it to China. Their smuggler ‘hero’ turned into a monster across the border, threatening to rape young Yeonmi of Yeonmi’s mother sacrificed herself instead, subjecting to the abuse so that her young daughter didn’t need to. In the end both mother and daughter were sold into human trafficking anyway.

A Life of Terror.
What followed their sale into human trafficking would chill the bones of anyone with a heart. Yeonmi was turned into a child mistress and sold to a rich man. The rich man, in order to procure Yeonmi’s ‘willingness’, also offered to purchase both her mother and father. Yeonmi made the deal and for two years was subjected to abuse. During those two years Yeonmi’s father passed away from colon cancer and had to be buried in the dark without anyone to hear her grieve. Enough had finally been enough, and freedom was on her mind.

Yeonmi and her mother would turn to a sort of North Korean Underground Railroad, spearheaded by Hannah Song. Park and her mother, along with a few other runaways, would hike through the Gobi Desert in order to get to freedom — enduring temperatures as extreme as -40. They eventually found freedom and now they are using their experiences in order to speak out and prevent it from occurring to anyone else in the future.

How To Maintain A Positive Image Online

We are living in an era when online reputation plays a very big role in how businesses are conducted. Recent research proves that around eighty-four percent of working professionals who use social media are in charge of their units at work as opposed to about fifty-six percent who have the same level of influence but do not use social media. In fact, around seventy-five percent of buyers prefer to work with sales professionals who are recommended by trusted friends. Around sixty-five percent feel that it is imperative to check the online references of their vendors on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.

In simple terms, reputation can be described as the feedback loop of an individual’s personal brand. On the other hand, reputation management can be easily described as the overall experience of the individual’s clients. If the clients are happy, they are more likely to leave good reviews that will in turn help in getting more clients.

When building a brand, it all starts with building a story about ourselves online. When the story is shared online through marketing, it gives clients the chance to share their experience with the individual that leads to their experiences becoming the reputation available. The initial story is the identity; how it began, and the purpose for beginning it at the first place plays a very integral role in how it eventually identifies the individual’s logo or business. In simple terms, the reputation is what other people say about the individual that therefore implies on the need to have it taken care of well.

Because of competition and other motives, an individual’s online reputation can be easily tainted. When a reputation is dented online, it takes some time to get back in the right track, and it is, therefore, imperative for everyone with a social account to take some precautions. Darius Fisher, President of Status Labs advises that the first thing to do is to remove any sensitive information or data online. This is because when hackers do their thing, they are always looking for such information to hold the owner hostage and extort.

He also says that it is also important for an individual to change their social media privacy settings and set them to become private. This prevents nasty incidents of them being tagged in ugly posts that might dent their online reputation. The third and most important thing is to keep changing the passwords frequently. This plays a very vital role because it stops anyone with malicious intentions to access the account.

Skout Can Be The Place To Find Love Along With Friendship

Two men were on a date with two different girls. They each sat right next to their date, but one couple was across from the other. One guy ended up meeting his date online while the other guy met his date at church. Three of the people on the date go to the same church, but one lady happens to go to another church across town. Even though they all ended up on the same date, they both found their dates in completely different ways, so how will the entire date end up?

There’s no way to know if a person who meets a date online and a person who meets their date in person will have better luck when they go out, and that’s why some people switch it up when they start dating. Some may initially start dating people that they meet in person, then maybe they meet someone at church, in a café, in a bar or other places, but they don’t have luck. The person may then change things up and decide to start dating online, and this may be because they see others having success with online dating.

Those who have had successful dating online are all too happy to share their opinion with others, and they are likely to tell people to start dating online. Each person is likely to find their ideal mate if they keep looking, but some may have to look longer than others when they start looking for dates. Depending on where and when a person looks around for a date, it’s likely that they may find what they’re looking for, especially if they keep at it. Everyone should make a choice where they want to date if they start dating online.

There are too many dating sites for a person to make an instant choice, but those who need a good dating site should choose the Skout on zendesk network. Skout has hundreds of millions of members, and the number of members on the website is only growing every day. Currently, the Skout network is one of the most popular dating sites, and it’s definitely an extremely popular site when it comes to socializing. Those that like to socialize with others online can have a lot of fun on the Skout network, even if they use the Skout application.

The Skout application is where most the fun on the Skout network happens. The Skout application is very simple and easy to use, and a person only needs to have a smartphone to use the application. Any smartphone should do as long as the person has access to an application store that has the Skout application for download. The Skout application is free of charge, so anyone can download it when they’re ready to start using the network. Whether a person wants to use Skout for dating or socializing is up to them, but Skout should always be a first choice for anyone who wants to have fun online.

Brightly Colored Makeup With Doe Deere

Makeup has traditionally been used in many shades and colors. Popular shades of makeup in includes shades of red, pink and peach that can match many people’s skin tones as well as shades of soft browns and blues that can help bring out the shade of someone’s eyes. The kind of color that is used will depend on multiple factors including the person’s personal style as well as their own sense of color. Many people love to have colors that are understated and can only be seen up close such as shades of very soft pink or just a hint of rosy red outlining their cheekbones.

In recent years, people and makeup companies have begun to explore other potential colors that may be used as well as such standard shades. These kinds of colors can be an ideal way for someone to have fun with makeup in shades that are not ordinarily seen in other forms. A bold shade of bright neon yellow can be highly effective and help someone to show off their own sense of color and light. Using a shade of bold purple across one’s eyelashes can be an excellent way to help bring out the violet flicks that can be seen when one’s eyes are viewed closely. Someone may also like to use a color such as turquoise to help coordinate with an outfit they have in mind in that shade and want to wear for a special occasion when they wish to look their best and attract attention from others.

A skilled entrepreneur who fully understands how much people love color is Doe Deere. Doe Deere founded a company known as Lime Crime. Her company has many varied makeup products of all kinds that people can easily pick from. The makeup that she offers for sale on her site is makeup that is available in many new shades of color that have rarely been seen in nature before. Her makeup is also available in shades of all kinds that are intended to provide people with the chance to pick out colors they like that can be designed with an outfit of the user’s choice. The company has many videos that Deere has placed her to help demonstrate to her clients how they can use her products with their existing wardrobe in order to help someone look good. Such videos are designed on to demonstrate how such products can be easily used even by those who have never used such items before.

Using such colors can be even easier than people might think. They might not be aware of how to use such colors with their existing wardrobe or any kind of accessories they might have on hand. The colors of the makeup can also be used with other items that the user has such as shoes and jewelry. This allows someone to have a look that is unique and fun as well as one that helps them feel more confident and relaxed no matter where they go.

Susan McGalla: Surviving and Thriving In a Man’s World

Equality in the workplace has always been a hot topic. Even though there have been many laws and regulations passed regarding equal pay and compensation for both men and women, discrepancies in the workplace still abound. It has been revealed that for every one dollar earned in the workplace by men, women receive only $.75 in pay. When statistics like that are revealed, it is clear that while laws now favor equal compensation, there are still various instances of unfairness.

To combat this, women of all business climates are exercising their skills and their options in the marketplace. Rather than accepting these inadequate conditions, many are deciding to go into business on their own, forgoing the traditional routes of corporate opportunities and business structures, and making their own inroads via startup opportunities.

When statistics are taken into account, there may be good reason for women to seek their own paths in business. According to the numbers, only 3% of American enterprises are run by females. And when it comes to companies with executive boards, only three of every 20 executive boards in America has a woman in an executive position. However, despite these numbers, it is shown that businesses that incorporate women into their corporate decision-making processes are far more successful than those that don’t.

There are plenty of examples of women who have made incredible strides in a business climate dominated by males. Not only have these particular women prove their worth in the marketplace but they have gone on to lead some of the largest corporations in America.

Susan McGalla carries with her an extensive background on wikinvest, having worked at various clothing companies including some of the biggest outfitters in the world. She began her extensive career working at the Joseph Horn Company as a marketing manager. After her stint for Joseph Horn, she took on the role of the CEO of American Eagle Outfitters. Soon after, her success led her to assume the mantle at Wet Seal as their chief operating officer.

Currently, McGalla is working as the Director of Strategic Planning for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Having a major executive position with a NFL team is the personification of a woman working in the midst of a male centric business. She now heads the planning and development for one of the largest sports organizations in America.

Susan McGalla is the quintessential example of a woman dominating in a business environment that is known for its male centric culture. She is proof that women can survive and thrive in even male-oriented businesses.
Equality in the workplace is coming, but has not been fully realized. Women like McGalla prove that there can be success in any business environment in one way or another, regardless of the hindrances of a stigmatized business environment.

Brad Reifler, American Businessman

As an American businessman, Brad Reifler has tons of experience to offer anyone he mentors. Growing up in Southern California, Brad had tons of opportunities to learn from those around him. A state that is bustling with businesses, movie stars, and start-ups is all a young boy needs to dream about building an empire of his own.

Brad also grew up with the intention of going to business school. He attended the Harvard School of Business for Boys in Los Angeles, California. This was the key to great things to come after he graduated from Bowdoin College. With a sound education, the sky was the limit for him.

It was in the early 80’s that Brad started his own trading firm known as the Reifler Trading Corporation. The mission of the company was to sell global derivatives and in early 2000 the firm was sold to another company known as Refco. However, in the early 90’s, Brad started another company was well. This firm was known as Reifler Capital Management, where he would manage commodity based strategies as well as foreign exchange trading strategies.

When the trading company was sold to Refco, Brad stayed on with the company so that he could manage their sales desk. Brad was handling sales of global derivatives, but he was also helping to execute global derivatives as well. His target was clients that had high net worth, in hopes that he would not only catch their eye but be their choice for investing their money. Having grown up in Los Angeles, it’s no surprise that he was able to give advice and guidance to high net worth clients.

Pali Capital was born in 2001, another company that Brad started, but this time the firm was an NASD firm. This means that the firm was registered with the National Association of Securities Dealers. This organization is responsible for overseeing NASDAQ and ensuring that any firms associated with it are operating in good faith.

Earning millions, Brad has made a name for himself in commodities and securities exchanges.

Moving Is Tough On My Dog, So I Give Her Beneful To Help Her Keep Up

I knew it was going to be a long weekend because I was moving from one coast to another. I even decided to spring for a private jet so my dog and I could have a comfortable ride to the other side of the country. The flight was going to be pretty long, and I wanted to make sure that we were comfortable as well as having Beneful on amazon as their good food. Most people would never imagine paying that kind of money to send their dog anywhere, even if they were flying with their pet. I’m a different type of person, and if I can afford it, I’ll pay for it, especially if it’s something that I want.

My dog is pretty small, and I have to be with her at all times if someone else can’t be with her. Although I live alone, my friends have babysat my dog from time to time, and they do so to help me out. When I knew that I would be moving, the first thing I did was to get a dog sitter, so I would be able to go and check out New York City. I live in L.A., and I knew I would have to check out the different homes that are available in New York. I couldn’t just leave my dog behind, so I ensured that she would have a great sitter first.

I took a private jet when I went across the country to check out homes, and since I’m moving for business purposes, I know that my flights are being covered. When I finally came back to get my dog, I decided that we were going to have a great trip on a private jet. I insisted that I get the best food on my flight, and I also made sure that I got some bowls of Beneful for my dog. My dog absolutely loves Beneful, but I tend to give her the dry dog food instead of the wet dog food. Since I knew that it might be problematic for her being up in the air for so long, I chose to treat her to both the wet Beneful and the dry Beneful.

My dog seemed a bit nervous when the plane first took off, but after a half an hour she was fine. My dog enjoyed the flight, and when she started to get hungry, I just got a bowl of Beneful and gave it to her. She ate the food on the plane as if she didn’t realize she wasn’t in her own home, and she had no problem with the pressure in the cabin. My dog and I are going off to a new life, but at least I know dog as well cared for as well as being well fed.

Purina Is The Leading Pet Care Company

Leading Corporation Purina believes in delivering high quality, beneficial pet care products to consumers around the world. Founded in 1894 as Robinson-Danforth Commission Company, their mission is to drive pet nutrition forward by performing exceptional research on a animal’s overall wellbeing. With an extensive array of first-class ingredients, the company successfully manufactures healthy meals for dogs and cats.

Since their launch on Purina news, Purina is revered as the largest pet wellness corporation in the United States. Their success is reflected in their marketing strategy, which promotes their beneficial products through billboards, mobile applications, online programs, and television advertisements/shows. As consumers recognized the benefits of their unprecedented offerings, Purina started to expand into more regions across the globe. Today, this lucrative company maintains annual revenue of $11.2 billion.

Purina presents a variety of pet care products to satisfy the needs of most dogs and cats. Some of their most popular subsidiary brands are Dog Chow, Just Right, Beggin, Mighty Dog, Waggin’ Train, Moist & Meaty, Beneful, One, Beyond, Pro Plan, Busy, Alpo, Fancy Feast, Cat Chow, Tidy Cats, Kit & Kaboodle, Deli-Cat, Friskies Party Mix, Friskies, Whisker Lickin’s, and Yesterday’s News. Remarkably, these products are manufactured with wholesome ingredients that support strong teeth, fresh breath, glossy coats, smooth skin, bright eyes, sustained energy, and appropriate appetite.

Commendably, as a wellness based corporation, Purina exceeds the guidelines formulated by the Federal Drug Administration, United States Department of Agriculture, and the Association of American Feed Control Officials. Moreover, their ingredient suppliers must adhere to rigorous standards to maintain product safety and sanitation, both of which encourage exceptional manufacturing practices. In addition, the Purina scientists are continuously performing essential research in order to guarantee unprecedented quality assurance processes. By employing a sophisticated tracking system in their North America production facilities, the company promotes effective measures of control during product development.

Purina strongly believes that ingredients perform better as team players versus solo participants. Therefore, the expert scientists compose blends with a variety of components such as whole grains, high quality protein, vegetables, and soy. The combination of these ingredients aid in proper digestion as well as overall good health. Commendably, the company’s experienced employees including nutritionists, researchers, behaviorists, and veterinarians work tirelessly to discover the best product formation that will prolong the life of animals worldwide.

For roughly three years, Purina is consistently acknowledged as the leading global pet care company. The corporation’s uniqueness lies in their wellness philosophy that involves the development of beneficial products with nutritious ingredients. Remarkably, Purina partners proudly with renowned institutions to fine-tune the quality of their pet meals. These research organizations include University of Pennsylvania, University of Missouri, Colorado State University, and Cornell University.

Actress Crystal Hunt Gains a Loyal Following

It is little wonder that 30-year-old actress Crystal Hunt is so popular with her fans. Not only is the blue-eyed, blonde-haired woman beautiful on the outside, but she also has a beautiful spirit. She enjoys the simple pleasures of life, from spending time with her family to jamming out to country music, and she also has more adventurous tastes such as driving sports cars and deep sea fishing. She often posts photos of her life on social media, which gives her fans a deeper sense of connection to her. She is also quick to express her appreciation for the fans that have helped her career to soar.

The precursors to Hunt’s career included participation in several pageants, a bit part in 1991’s “Problem Child” and a commercial with ‘NSync. It began in earnest when a talent agent discovered her at the age of 17 and got her an audition with “Guiding Light,” where she quickly won the part of Lizzie Spaulding. This popular role was recognized with a nomination for a Daytime Emmy Award. Her first major movie role was alongside Zac Efron in the family movie “The Derby Stallion.”

More recently, Hunt had the plum role of Stacy Marasco on the soap opera “One Life to Live” and appeared as herself on the reality TV series “Queens of Drama.” She also was featured in the movies “Sydney White,” “23 Blast” and “Magic Mike XXL.” She has also recently branched out into producing, helping her best friend make the movie “Talbot County.” This project is a testament to her loyalty, which is yet another quality about her that fans find admirable.