The Best Premium Dog Food Is Beneful’s Blend

When I buy a bag of premium dog food from the pet store I feel like a better pet owner. This is a world of variety, so it’s hard to know which brand to trust when you’re buying dog food. The dog food that I buy for my furry friend is packed with nutrients and high quality ingredients. I like to read the label on the packaging that makes me proud to buy their products. I know that my dog likes this food because he always cleans his bowl when I feed him. He gets so excited in the morning and for dinner.

I found an article online that goes over exactly why premium brands of dog food are the best on the market. The article is from the Daily Herald, and it actually profiles premium dog food companies in such a compelling way that I want to recommend it to other pet owners.

Premium Dog Food Companies That I Trust

Purina is a company that has been around a long time, and they are well known in the pet industry for producing top of the line dog foods. They make a special kind of dog food called Beneful that my dog can’t get enough of. They make all kinds of tasty blends for dogs. They actually have 20 different kinds of their wet foods. The wet food they make is Chopped Blends. It comes with real meats, real vegetables and rice that makes my dog full and happy after his meal.

Beneful also makes a bunch of other dog foods besides the Chopped Blends. They make dry dog foods and dog treats. I like to get my dog the Dental Twists that Beneful makes because I want him to have healthy teeth and fresh breath. Beneful uses high quality ingredients in all of their foods, which makes them the best premium dog food on the market, in my opinion. Beneful makes my dog happy, and that makes me happy. There’s nothing better than a happy dog waiting for you at home. Here’s the link to the article.




Hillary Clinton Supporters Want Race To Be About Sexism

It seems that the Hillary Clinton supporters are desperate to make the race for President about sexism. They attempt to find any sniff of the idea that some of the Bernie Sanders supporters are somehow sexist against Hillary Clinton and that is why they are voting against her. Unfortunately for them, Paste Magazine has found some real statistics about female support for the Vermont Senator.

The first claim by Laidlaw & Company (Stop Broker Fraud) is that female supporters have given more money to Sanders than they have to the Hillary Clinton campaign. It is also true that supporters under the age of 45 support Sanders over Clinton by large margins regardless of their gender.

The online supporters of Hillary Clinton in particular are eager to suggest that the support for Bernie Sanders is nothing more than sexism. They want to believe this because they have some feelings that no one could possibly support another candidate for any reason other than sexism.

The fact is that many are supporting Bernie Sanders because they believe in his views on Wall Street and beyond. They are interested in the excitement that is coming from the Sanders campaign and that he is finally speaking the language that they want to hear on the issues. This is true for many and more people are learning about him and joining him in support each day.

It is incredible to see how Clinton supporters online continue with the sexism line that does not seem to be working at all.

Ricardo Guimaraes, The Financial Management Expert

Ricardo Guimaraes hails from Brazil from a wealthy family, the founder of the Banco, BMG. The family founded the Land Credit Bank in 1930 and offered cheap credit to Brazil farmers. The credit facilitated ownership of agricultural tools and plants such as tractors, motor vehicles, and other agricultural equipment. The bank later became the current BMG in Brazil, a reputable bank in Brazil in matters financial facilities.


Ricardo Guimaraes studied finance and management in college no wonder his prowess in financial management. He joined the family business in 1998 and served as the chief financial officer and later the vice president of Banco, BMG. His leadership and expertise in financial management have seen him climb the ladder to the post of the president and the chief executive officer of BMG.


He has transformed BMG in various sectors and has made it become the largest bank in Brazil customer base and asset wise. Since his appointed in BMG, the bank has made the tremendous transformation in offering its services by implementing unique strategies in the region. The bank controls over eighty percent of the market share in the banking industry. Ricardo developed profitability strategies such as creating many branches and agents in the region to enhance dominance in the region. In fact, there is over three thousand point of sales and over five thousand agents in the area. This is a marketing strategy that brings services closer to the customers.


Ricardo also introduced affordable credit to the people of Brazil. This is another profitability strategy that he has implanted and has seen BMG make vast sums of profit. He specializes in payroll loans which are cheap to customers and has very minimal risk regarding defaulting. The bank controls over sixty percent of in the credit market in Brazil among sixty competitors.


As the manager of the BMG, he oversees the banks use the best practices in hiring the best talent. Human resource is a crucial issue in a business success. He employs the right talent and provide them with competitive benefits to retain them. In fact, some employees have over twenty years working the bank. A leader lives by example, and Ricardo’s hard work and commitment to work motivates the employees in chasing the same goal.


Ricardo Guimaraes has endeared himself to the people of Brazil by offering them with financial support. He supports agriculture and sponsors needy students in the region. Ricardo has also supported various charitable organizations in the area.


The financial management guru is also a football fanatic. He was once a manager of a particular football club. He sponsors various football clubs such as Santos where many famous football talents are nurtured.

Rand Paul Suspends Presidential Campaign

Libertarians are not going to be pleased with the following news. All indications are that Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is suspending his campaign. He will no longer seek the Republican nomination for president.

Paul finished in 5th place in the Iowa caucus. He is not likely to do better in the New Hampshire primary. Paul does not have a viable path to the nomination. Suspending his campaign is the wise choice, according to a statement Jon Urbana made to Fox Carolina.

Paul had hoped to gain support from right-leaning Republicans, members of the Libertarian Party, and young voters who lean Democratic to form a coalition. In the end, the numbers weren’t there.

While the Libertarian Party has a following, the numbers are low. In the previous presidential election, the Libertarian Party’s candidate received only a minor fraction of the vote.

To be politically viable, many libertarians run for office in the GOP. Still, there numbers remain a small faction of the GOP coalition. This is in large part due to the Libertarian Party maintaining a separate structure and political machine, and not becoming an absorbed wing of the GOP. Ideological differences on numerous issues keep hundreds of thousands of people registered as libertarians and not republicans.

Rand Paul’s presidential ambitions might be over, but his political career certainly is not. Paul is sure to be re-elected as a senator with ease. He may seek the presidential nomination again some time in the future.

Take Away Points from Ricardo Guimarães the President of Banco BMG

Ricardo Guimarães is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and a sports fan who was born in one of the prosperous and most influential families in Brazil. The family immersed its wealth by having a deep connection with the country’s financial sector. This relationship with the financial sector began when Ricardo Guimarães’s grandfather founded the Land Credit Bank now known as Banco BMG in 1930 and this company has stayed in the family since then. When Ricardo’s Grandfather, Antonio Guimarães died, his father took over the bank and later Ricardo took over from his father.

However, before he took over the family business, Ricardo worked in the bank as an office assistant and also attained a bachelor’s degree in business administration from UNA. According to Maquina do Esporte, his knowledge, experience and great talent for hard work and innovation enabled him to lead Banco BMG efficiently. Under his leadership, the bank adopted a strategy that has enabled it to do business with low-interest rates and a low level of defaults. The fact that Banco BMG is the leading bank in payroll loans and personal loans in Brazil can be attributed to this strategy. The standard of success that Banco BMG has achieved is a great accomplishment for Ricardo Guimarães.

Nevertheless, apart from his prowess in business, Ricardo gained notability in the world of sports which is an essential part of the Brazilian culture. According to R7 Noticias, he is well known for his fanatical support for the Atletico-MG football club and his sponsorship of various football teams and athletes in the country. Currently, Banco BMG is the largest sponsor of the football sport in Brazil but Ricardo never forgets to emphasize that despite his personal support for Atletico-MG, the bank does not support any team in particular. Ricardo’s passion for football goes beyond sponsorship. He chaired the Alvinegro of Mines for five years before being succeeded by Ziza Valadares and during this period, he sometimes put out pocket money to help the team during their difficult times. In addition to this, Ricardo in 2010 created an investment fund in football athletes called the Ricardo Soccer BR1 and in that same year, it was invested more than twenty million dollars for buying the economic rights of many athletes who work in eight clubs. Since he has shown much commitment to the country’s sports, BMG is now considered by some as the “national sports patron.”

According to Dino Blog, on April 18th, 2011, Ricardo received the Town Hall Honors degree in tribute to his commitment to the Brazilian people both in business and sports. The event had significant people such as the president of the Legislative Assembly in attendance. Ricardo Guimarães has earned the respect and admiration of many.


The voting is done in Iowa and Donald Trump is making the best of a second place finish instead of a first place win as was expected based on polling just one week prior to the voting in the first Republican primary in Iowa. Leading up to the voting, Trump was polling as passing Texas Senator Ted Cruz in the polls, but the final results of the election had Cruz with 28% of the vote, followed by Trump with 24% and Florida Senator Marc Rubio 23%.


Donald Trump is projected to be leading every primary poll and arguably Iowa was Trump’s weakest state. The question lingers for Trump however, because Trump is not the traditional politician. He has never held elected office and many still find it hard to believe that he is the leading choice in the Republican field for the 2016 Presidential election.

Jon Urbana aims to support Earth Force Inc through Go fund me campaign
Trump’s standing in the polls as well as his durability may be more of a sign of the weakness in the Republican candidate field and the anger in the nationwide electorate with the policy choices that the Republican leadership have made than with Trump personally. To his advantage, Trump has not been shy about speaking publicly what has been on everyone’s mind and that has enabled him to connect with voters. In the end the only poll that will count is the voting booth poll.

How Did Marcio Alaor Get Here?

He got here with hard work and dedication. He was a strong worker and he exhibited a great desire to be better than what he was. He made sure that he was always successful and that he always provided people with the best service possible. He did this because he wanted to be the best that he could be.

While he was working his former job, he met a man who he later learned was the executive of the BMG bank. The man was hoping to find new talent, but he did not know exactly where he was going to find it. The answer that he was looking for came in Marcio Alaor. The man was a very hard worker and hoped that he could find someone who worked as hard as he did. This was the way that Marcio Alaor first began working for the bank as an entry-level banker.

He made sure that he always did the best job possible and that he was very dedicated to his banking job. This was what allowed him to become quickly promoted and to eventually rise to the vice president position in the bank. He now holds a position that is similar to the position that was held by his mentor when he first began working for the bank. He was able to get everything that the bank needed by being the best of the best for the banking world and always staying dedicated.

He always makes sure that he provides the best business opportunities to the employees that he has. He wants them to remain dedicated and does so by setting a great example for them. Despite the fact that he is the vice president of the company, he is a strong individual who has not given up his drive or fallen into laziness as a result of the position that he holds. He makes sure that everyone sees what a great VP he is and that he has always been able to show them that he is doing the hardest work possible in the company.

The strong work ethic that he has comes from his background. He was a shoe shiner when he first started out. While this was not the worst position that someone could hold, it was not the best either. It was something that he wanted to get out of and worked hard to be able to do it. There were many times when Marcio Alaor wanted to give up, but the drive that he had enabled him to be able to get to the position that he is currently in. He showed the hard work and dedication. That paid off for him in the long run.

BMG Bank President Ricardo Guimarães Is Working Hard In A Difficult Political And Economic Environment

Ricardo Guimarães has always been a fighter. He was born in the city of Belo Horizonte in the state of Minas Gerais. Guimarães learned early in life that hard work was the key to success. His grandfather, Antonio Guimarães, the mining entrepreneur, and a bank founder helped teach Ricardo the value of education and integrity and his father, Flavio instill the work ethic that has put Guimarães in the position he is in today. The powerful Guimarães family used their business and banking knowledge and became of the most influential families in Brazil.

A recent article posted by discussed the Guimarães family and how Ricardo has taken his grandfather’s bank, the Land Credit Bank of Minas Gerais, and turned it into the nationally known and respected BMG Bank. BMG Bank was headquartered in Minas Gerais for years, but the Guimarães recently moved the bank’s headquarters to Sao Paulo in order to meet the demand for its popular bank products.

Bank presidents don’t usually have a major impact on the consumer market in Brazil. Most Brazilians go through life without using bank products, but when Ricardo took control of BMG Bank in 1998, he decided to market bank products using soccer. Guimarães has always had a love for soccer. Like other Brazilian kids, Ricardo learned to play the sport in the dirt streets of Belo Horizonte. Decades later Belo Horizonte would honor Ricardo for making an important contribution to the sport of football. The city of Belo Horizonte honored Ricardo with the city’s Diploma of Merit in 2011 for his dedication to the game of football and for the relentless work he had done to make his hometown a better place to live, according to a recent article by The city’s kids are learning to play the game in better conditions now thanks to Ricardo, according to an article posted by

But it is not just the city of Belo Horizonte that has benefited from Ricardo Guimarães love of football. BMG Bank is an important sponsor of football in Brazil, and Guimarães was the man that made that happen. posted an article about BMG Bank and how the bank has become the leader in the consignment credit industry by sponsoring soccer clubs and players. While BMG Bank was sponsoring soccer clubs, Ricardo was also leading one of those clubs. For six years, Ricardo Guimarães was president of the Atlético Mineiro Club and that club became one of top football clubs in the country.

BMG Bank is still sponsoring soccer players and clubs, but the bank is also sponsoring tennis and volleyball players. Ricardo Guimarães is working hard to help pull Brazil out of the current economic and political mess, and he thinks the country is making some progress. Guimarães thinks 2016 will be a better year for Brazil.

George Soros and his Philanthropic Nature

George Soros, the hedge fund tycoon, started his philanthropic work way back in 1979, in was in this year that he decided that he had accumulated a lot of wealth from his hedge fund business that he decided it was time to give back.

He started out by giving scholarships to black South Africans who were then under apartheid rule to join Cape Town University. The following year he provided Xerox machines to the Eastern Bloc that were used to copy banned text that helped undermine communism. These machines were also used to support cultural exchanges with the West.

He founded and became the chair of Open Society which is a web of foundations, partners, and projects in more than a 100 countries. George Soros commitment to the idea of an open society was that governments are supposed to be answerable, rights are to be respected, and nobody should have the domination of truth made the open societies unlike any other private philanthropic efforts ever in history.

The mogul billionaire has been in the frontline in establishing an international system that will bring answerability and transparency to industries that deal with natural resource extraction. These industries that are known to have the practice of making secrets bribes to local dictators has for a long time known to have fueled some of the world’s biggest political strife and atrocious violence.

To this effect, he has been supportive of various organizations all over the world such as the Institute for Economic Thinking, European Council on Foreign Relations, International Crisis Group, and the Global Witness.

To endorse critical thinking among people, George Soros Created Central European University this was after the fall of Berlin Wall. He also stretched out his philanthropy to other parts of the world which included continents such as Africa, Asia, And the United States.

Through his open foundations, he has been able to help and support individuals who for years have unlawfully been detained without any legal representation by hiring lawyers and paralegals to represent them.

George Soros financed the chief and most determined effort in history to bring into the mainstream the Roma people of Europe. It is through his foundation that he has been able to provide university fees and schools for a large number of promising school going students including young people from marginalized groups, refugees who come from armed skirmishes, and young people of Roma

Charles Koch: Business and Politics

Charles G. Koch was born November 1, 1935, in Wichita, Kansas. He is co-owner, chief executive officer and chairman of the board of Koch Industries, his brother, David H. Koch is the Executive Vice President. David and Charles each own 42% of the conglomerate. Fred C. Koch, father of David and Charles left the business to them in which they expanded the business. Charles grandfather, Harry Koch, a Dutch immigrant who settled in West Texas, where he started the Quanah Tribune-Chief newspaper.

Charles Koch is a graduate of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and is a member of the fraternity, Beta Theta Pi. In 1957, he received a Bachelor of Science in general engineering. In 1958, he received a Master of Science in mechanical engineering, and in 1960 a second Master of Science in chemical engineering. After college, Charles began work at Arthur D. Little, Inc. Charles moved back to Wichita in 1961 to join his father’s company, the Rock Island Oil & Refining Company. He became president of the business in 1967, which at the time was a medium-sized oil firm. That same year, he renamed the company in honor of his father to Koch Industries. Today Koch generates about 100 billion in revenue annually.

Charles Koch has been outspoken in his views for ending mass incarceration, allowing former convicts to vote and rolling back the war on drugs. This has led to questioning whether or not Charles Koch was a closet liberal; actually he isn’t. Charles has stated that the current criminal justice system’s fundamental problem is that it is a two-tier system where the wealthy and well-connected receive dramatically better treatment than the poor and guilty and even the innocence are considered irrelevant. He went on to say that the innocent are often forced to plead guilty to satisfy the status quo.

The War on Drugs is another problem that has shown a dramatic shift in the balance of power favoring judges and prosecutors. For instance, no one knows for sure how many federal criminal laws are on the books. But estimates put it somewhere between 4,500 and 6,000. This explosion of statutory crimes, the potential for mandatory minimum sentences, and the prosecutor’s total control over the grand jury process allows prosecutors to have unlimited power and in many cases act as prosecutor, judge, jury, and executioner. However, there are some encouraging signs this year alone with Maryland, Iowa, Arizona, Illinois, and New York, among other states, who are looking at reforming their criminal justice systems.